Married at First Sight Australia has proven to be one of the most dramatic, juicy television shows out there. We’ve seen wine throwing, drunken lies, rumours – the lot. But if you thought it was done… You were wrong. There’s even more gossip from Married at First Sight season 6.

Jessika reckons hers and Dan’s break up was pre-planned

MAFS gossip
Source: Who Magazine

The couple went on a show called ‘Talking Married’ after MAFS finished. On the show, they were questioned about their relationship after clips and revelations about Jessika allegedly hitting on Nic.  The couple then broke up, live on television.

Jessika has spoken about this since, saying how ‘cringeworthy’ it was, and that Tamara had shown her texts from Dan saying: ‘make sure you watch tonight it’s going to be TV gold!’.

On the show, Dan claimed he couldn’t trust Jessika, and afterwards, he announced their break up very aggressively: “Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up. There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together”.

Tamara talks about Dan’s aggressive alter-ego

MAFS gossip
Source: The Sun

Tamara and Dan were paired together when they entered the show half way through. Dan had an affair with Jessika, despite both of them telling their partners they were committed.

Since the show, Tamara has come out about certain aspects of the – what now appears to be quite scripted – show. One of the things she’s discussed is that Dan has an ‘alter-ego’. She told The Sun that they had been drinking with Mick, Mike and Mark when he started to get ‘loud and aggressive’.

She went on to say that is was like a switch flicked in his head, and he was saying really nasty things. She was in the kitchen when this happened, and he blocked her in. He was someone she barely knew, and she spoke about being intimidated by him. She ran out of the apartment crying and went to the producer to demand another room.

Lauren was forced to say that she was a lesbian

MAFS gossip
Source: The Mirror

Lauren has since been interviewed by plenty of people, and on an Australian radio show she spoke out about the ‘manipulation’ that the producers were doing to cast members. Specifically, she spoke about how she had been manipulated into labelling herself as a nymphomaniac lesbian.

This came about after telling producers she had experimented when she was younger. According to Lauren, they then wouldn’t let it go, and one of the team told her to say it and that it wouldn’t offend the LGBT community. He said that he was gay so he knew it’d be fine.

She found out after that the member of the team was not, in fact, gay, and then when she watched the edited version of the show and saw how she’d been painted, she felt ‘let down’.

Jessika speaks out against producers for tricking her into hitting on Nic

MAFS gossip
Source: The Sun

One of the most bizarre turns of the show was Jessika flirting, rather randomly, with Cyrelle’s husband Nic. However, since the show aired, there has been some explanation as to where on earth this came from.

Jessika has said that she was tricked into the behaviour after drinking. She told Mail Online, “that was probably the only part of my journey on the show that was massively manipulated; they made it look like I had hit on two guys”. She felt like she’d been portrayed as an ‘evil husband-stealing witch’ and has to keep reminding people that it isn’t true.

Martha has no interest in speaking to Jess or Ines ever again

Whilst on the show, Jessika, Martha and Ines formed a little friendship group. They became the little gossip group, and Jessika has continued to be known for rumours and gossiping.

However, their friendship did not continue after filming. In fact, they don’t speak to each other at all, following a big fall out at an awards show. Martha has spoken about this in a YouTube video, where she said: “I walked up to them, they ignored me. Then I was looking at Jess, going ‘Hello?’, and she eventually goes ‘Oh, hi!’. Then Ines pretended to vomit on me”.

Since then, she’s said that she doesn’t speak to them any more, as they’re not her ‘type’ of people.

Jessika has accused Martha of cheating on Michael

MAFS gossip
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In response, Jessika posted on her Instagram calling Martha out. She called her fake, and accused her of talking down to everyone. Jessika said she would have loved to keep the argument private, but ‘enough is enough’.

Both Jessika and Ines have also repeatedly accused Martha of cheating on Michael. Martha has denied it every time.

Nic’s sex tape leaked

MAFS cast then vs now
Source: The Sun

Since filming, a video of Nic and another woman having sex was leaked. Cyrell has claimed that Nic did it himself. She said that Nic asked her which of his friends sent it around, and that it made her question how many he’d sent it to.

Nic, in an interview with Australia’s The Hit Network, made it clear that the video was from a few years ago, and defended his comment in the vide of ‘it’s tough being married’, explaining that the woman was going through a divorce. He also said he doesn’t know how it got out.

Matthew blocked Lauren’s number

MAFS cast then vs now
Source: Girlfriend Magazine

Matthew and Lauren had a weird encounter on the show, with Matthew being a virgin, and Lauren being forced to declare herself a lesbian. But since the show, Matthew has spoken about the whole experience.

The main things he mentioned were that Lauren texted him a lot after their split, and so he blocked her number after the reunion show, and suddenly wasn’t ‘afraid’ to check his phone. He also mentioned that due to the restrictions of filming during the wedding, he spent his honeymoon with a bladder infection… Gross.

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