This year, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has a twist. Rather than being in its usual tropical jungle location, the stars have been thrown into an eery castle in North Wales. Gwrych Castle is a 200-year-old building that is supposedly haunted by its former residents – including an angry Countess who searches the castle each night for vengeance. The first episode of the new season was the 5th biggest launch episode in the show’s history, which after 7 years of declining views, means a lot. But why are people so excited for the show this year? Here’s everything you need to know about I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2020 so far!

Who is in the Castle?

  • Shane Richie (former Eastenders star, scared of poo)
  • Jordan North (Radio presenter, scared of everything)
  • Victoria Derbyshire (journalist, scared of spiders)
  • Vernon Kay (presenter, scared of underwater confines)
  • Sir Mo Farah (Olympic runner, scared of animals)
  • Hollie Arnold (Paralympian, scared of spiders)
  • Jessica Plummer (actress, scared of spiders and heights)
  • Beverley Callard (actress, scared of ghosts and insects)
  • AJ Pritchard (dancer, scared of heights and tight spaces)
  • Giovanna Fletcher (podcast host, actress and author, scared of heights)

And as of the 18th November:

  • Russell Watson (classical singer, scared of the dark)
  • Ruthie Henshall (musical theatre actress, scared of the dark and crawling things)

What’s happened so far?

So far 4 stars have been in the headlines for activities on the show.

Jordan North

Jordan North
Source: Radio Times

Poor Jordan has been in the headlines due to the excessive amount of trials he has had to do so far in the show. In fact, people were campaigning on Twitter to only vote for him to keep this going! Which, after he threw up before even getting to the castle, and freaked out over the Viper Vault Task… seems a little unfair. However, luckily for him, people are beginning to change their minds and give the poor kid some slack. Not before Beverley Callard could jump in and become a fan favourite by giving him a much-needed pep talk though.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jordan got himself all over social media by using Gavin and Stacey to remember the colours of the Welsh flag for a kiosk question. Plus, he got into all of the viewer’s hearts by his adorable attempt to go to his ‘safe-place’… Brumley Football Club.

AJ Pritchard

AJ Pritchard
Source: Metro

AJ, former professional dancer on Strictly, as managed to get himself trending on social media by doing, well, nothing. Viewers are actually claiming they’re forgetting he’s on the show! After one trial, the young dancer appears to have only been on the show for a minute amount of time in comparison to his co-stars. We’ve yet to see if this will keep him in or boot him off the show sooner than them, though.

Vernon Kay

Source: Yahoo Finance

Vernon has gotten himself in the headlines for two things. One, he appears to name drop a little too much, and fans are getting irritated by it. However, that might be redeemed by him suffering a deer testicle BURSTING in his mouth.

Nope. Too gross!

Haunted castle?

We mentioned earlier that the castle is supposedly haunted. Well, after viewers hearing a baby crying in one scene, and rumours spreading quickly of crew refusing to work overnight, this may well be true. But we’re not even a week in yet, so stay tuned for more!