After being fired in week 11 of the 2019 series of The Apprentice, Lewis Ellis has been making the headlines with sex toys and various flings.  Here’s what you need to know!

Despite narrowly missing Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment he still aimed to make his business plan a reality. With experience as a travel rep and digital marketer, Ellis is still working hard on his business Hiddn Travel which aims to provide ‘stylish escapes for young and inspired travellers’, according to their website. Ellis had said that the project was meant to launch in 2020, but the website still states it is ‘coming soon’. The ‘Made in Manchester’ stamp on the website is testament to Ellis’ Mancunian roots, of which he is especially proud.

In lieu of his business launch, Ellis has become a sex toy tester for He posted a photo of him holding a bright pink dildo on Instagram, advertising other roles like his. Unfortunately, he’s since taken the tell-all pic down.

As if this wasn’t enough to confirm Ellis’ libido, last year rumours surfaced that he and fellow contestant Lottie Lions had a secret affair whilst filming The Apprentice. A source told The Sun that “it was no secret … They tried to keep it on the down-low, but word soon spread.” In 2019 Ellis got together with a model who posted a video of him snoring after he had promised to show her a ‘good time’.

Aside from this, Lewis founded a successful marketing company, Hussel Marketing. The edgy company claims it is the ‘agency your mother warned you about’ which promises to ‘screw the ordinary’ with ‘real returns’. After being Ellis’ ‘side hustle’ for a number of years, he has fully invested in the project with great success. They’ve worked with a number of big brands from MoxiLoves to Mitigate Cyber.

Ellis has also appeared in the news after a Twitter feud with Lord Sugar who called his numerous tattoos ‘horrible’, to which he responded ‘Ok Boomer’.

Ellis marked the occasion with an inking of the man himself. His tattoo shows Lord Sugar in the boardroom, pointing a gun. He told the MailOnline, that he wanted some ink to represent being fired on the show.

Speaking to the media, Ellis has both defended and criticised the show. In 2019 he defended claims that the show was racist after 7 BAME contestants were fired in a row, saying “it just happens that there are a lot of people on the show who are from ethnic minorities. That’s why people are noticing more, I think”.

Conversely, he has criticised the BBC show for its lack of concern for the welfare of its contestants. Quoted in the MailOnline, he claimed that the house was ‘like a prison’ and that his hair fell out due to stress. Describing his lack of sleep, social isolation, and 24/7 ‘babysitting’, he warned against a ‘tragedy’ like that of the death of Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis. Despite Lord Sugar stating ‘we give you the best support’ other former contestants came out in support of Ellis stating that reality TV needs to change.

If you want to find out more about Ellis, check out his YouTube where he documents his mission to chase his dreams as ‘an ordinary guy trying to achieve extraordinary things!’.

Last Updated on September 9, 2022