We all loved Married at First Sight Australia, and now we’ve been graced with the newest season of Married at First Sight UK. We’ve all fallen in love with certain characters – *cough* Bob *cough* – and we’ve all grown to hate others, but what were they all up to before the show? Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Married at First Sight UK.

Adam Aveling

Source: OK! Magazine

26-year-old Adam was paired with Tayah, and the couple seems to be doing well so far! The electrician from Doncaster has struggled to find himself a partner before the show, as he was splitting all of his time between work and the gym.

He described his ideal woman as having ‘nice eyes’ and being ‘naturally pretty’, as well as needing them to be ambitious, spontaneous and positive. He loves trying new things and being challenged, and wants a partner that will challenge him and explore new things together.

Ant Poole

Source: Radio Times

Ant is a dapper 28-year-old from Manchester, and he works in business development. He is a very sociable guy who is clearly very confident – and yet has not had the best of luck so far on the show. However, he said from the get-go that he’s happy to just use this experience to learn more about himself. Not quite the point of the show, Ant!

He described his ideal person as funny, bubbly and ambitious. Whether or not his match fit that criteria is still up for debate…

Daniel McKee

Daniel MAFS UK
Source: Belfast Live

One half of the show’s first-ever gay couple, Daniel is a 27-year-old sales worker from Northern Ireland. He is spiritual and positive, and he and his partner on the show have been winning the nation’s hearts. Outside of TV, he is into hiking, meditation, cold water swimming and vegetarian cuisine.

His ideal man would share these passions, and be willing to try new things and explore new places with him.

Robert Voysey

Robert MAFS UK
Source: Radio Times

26-year-old Big Bob is a big sweetheart that the internet has fallen in love with. Outside of MAFSUK, Robert is a business protection specialist from Dorset. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who loves to make people laugh and entertain others. His big personality has proven to get him in with any group of lads, but less so with women!

He told the show that he wants to just have fun and wants someone who wants to go out, and looks at life in the same way as him.

Franky Spencer

Franky MAFS UK
Source: Hull Live

One of the older guys, Franky is 47 and is a strength and conditioning coach based in Dubai. He is an old-school type of guy and comes across as a dominant force without a filter – he will tell you exactly how it is. He fought in the military for 15 years and has since lived in Dubai for 15 more.

He told the showrunners that he’s looking for a soulmate who wants to join him overseas in Dubai, and that shares the same morals and beliefs as him, whilst challenging and entertaining him too.

Matt Jameson

matt MAFS UK
Source: Digital Spy

The other half of Married At First Sight’s first gay couple, Matt is a charity worker from West Yorkshire. This loveable, smiley guy was left feeling heartbroken after a very turbulent breakup and decided it was time to re-discover himself. His journey has led him here, now that he feels ready to find The One. He’s an outgoing guy with a positive outlook, and spends his free time singing in a choir (he even sang in a Take That tribute band!).

He said that he’s looking to settle down and have kids with someone he can grow old with. We hope that he finds exactly that.

Jordon Mundell

Jordon MAFS UK
Source: Wales Online

27-year-old personal trainer Jordon is a gentle soul who feels he is often misjudged. He’s got quite old school morals and traditions, as he was raised by his grandmother, and has her values and also her spirituality.

God, family and love are important to Jordon and he’s looking for someone he could bring home to his gran, but also someone with who he can raise a family.

Luke Dawson

Source: Wales Online

Luke is a 36-year-old chap who works in a care home and as a fireman. He is respectable, the perfect gentleman, and completely adorable. After a messy breakup, he lost his confidence completely and wants to find someone to help bring that side of him back.

When asked about why he chose to go on the show, he said: “I already have more in common with this person than I would do meeting them on dating apps or in the pub. Because they’ve done the same thing, they must be in a similar circumstance to me.”

Joshua Christie

Joshua MAFS UK
Source: Heat World

West London boy Joshua is a 26-year-old who works in insurance. He is competitive, ambitious and works very hard, which he learned as a child after his dad passed away.

The cheeky chappy is looking for someone who can understand him, but isn’t afraid to put him in his place, and can work hard but enjoy themselves and not take life too seriously.

Megan Wolfe

megan MAFS UK
Source: The Sun

On to the women of the show, Megan is a 26-year-old from Stoke. She’s a wellness coach who loves to sing, dance and share ‘good energy’ with her friends and family. She works with children and helps them with their mental health, and is looking for the perfect gentleman to help her complete her perfect life!

Her partner must be polite, creative, ambitious, confident and funny. She wants to be made to laugh and looked after. Don’t we all, Meg… Don’t we all!

Amy Christophers

Source: Cornwall Live

34-year-old Amy is a sports journalist based in Cornwall. She was raised by her parents and grandmother by the sea and has gone from a 10-year modelling career to the world of sports. Prior to this swap, she also worked in pornographic videos under the alias ‘Brandy Brewer’ and worked as a topless model in Nuts and Zoo.

Amy has also had a bad time when it comes to relationships, revealing on the show that her fiance ended the relationship at the end of 2018. She then found out that she was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, one of the twins died, and she had to medically terminate the other due to complications.

She wants to learn what love is, let down her guard and learn some lessons along the way!

Marilyse Corrigan

marilyse MAFS UK
Source: The Sun

Personal trainer Mariylse is a 36-year-old personal trainer from Yorkshire. She is elegant, positive and very sporty. At home, she’s got two sons that she adores, who are keen for their mum to find someone. Although they apparently have a lot of thoughts on who that person can and cannot be.

She has said she wants an old-fashioned manly man with passion and energy, otherwise, she’ll just get bored. Her perfect man would be strong-minded, strong-willed and her best friend as well as her soul mate.

Nikita Jasmine

Nikita MAFS UK
Source: Radio Times

Sales worker Nikita is a 26-year-old from County Durham. She is a sassy, confident and very opinionated northern lass who can be emotional, stubborn, and has one hell of a potty mouth. However, she knows all of this and is friendly enough to win people over anyway.

She has apparently fallen in love twice, and has planned her wedding and kids names. Her perfect man would be tanned, with veneers and good craic.

Morag Chricton

Source: The Sun

Veterinary nurse Morag is a 31-year-old Essex girl. She’s excitable and very easily the life and soul of every party. She grew up between Essex and Ibiza, and her unconventional upbringing is what made her decide a 9-5 just wasn’t for her. So she went and explored veterinary nursing in Australia! As you do! However, in 2019 she returned to the UK to become a full-time carer for her father when he got sick, and after he passed she became determined to find love.

She wants a man that is adventurous, fun, spontaneous and exciting, and they’ve got to get her gears going. She likes a typical manly man who dresses well and wants someone to commit to.

Alexis Economou

alexis mafs uk
Source: Reality Titbit

28-year-old model Alexis is from London and is a bold and excitable woman who is incredibly strong and fierce. Which sometimes comes across as opinionated… She has recently taken a break from love to work on herself and is now ready to make room for one last man.

She wants an ambitious, well-educated, family-orientated husband who is understanding, compassionate and very affectionate. She also hopes they’ll be emotionally intelligent, and become her best friend and partner.

Tayah Victoria

Source: The Negotiator

25-year-old Tayah is an estate agent from Welwyn Garden City. She is looking for true love, the one and a man she can look after. This fun-loving girl wants to get married and have kids sooner rather than later, and having struggled through a miscarriage in the last few years, is even more keen to have a baby in her life.

She wants a confident guy who knows who they are and will look good with her, and support her and their kids together as a tight-knit family unit.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the cast of Married at First Sight UK. We can’t wait to see where their relationships take them!