The Magaluf Punta Ballena, better known as the ‘Magaluf Strip‘ is famous across Europe and is the ultimate holiday destination for anyone wanting to party with their friends abroad.

The famous Spain strip is an incredibly lively and always busy 600m street that welcomes tens of thousands of people every year. There is always something going on, and the strip is known for having the best nightclubs and bars in Magaluf.

Where is ‘The Strip’ in Magaluf?

The Magaluf Strip, alternatively called Punta Ballena, is situated in the southwest region of Mallorca. This vibrant complex, nestled between Palma Nova and Calvià Beach Resort, offers breathtaking sea views. Spanning around 1.2 km, the strip stretches from the Palma Nova roundabout in the north down to Magaluf Beach in the south.

What is the Magaluf Club Pass?

Often referred to as ‘MCP’, the Magaluf Club Pass is your key to unlocking access to five of the hottest nightclubs on the Magaluf strip. Explore the vibrant scenes at Boomerang, Bananas, Carwash, Tokio Joes, and Honeys Strip Club, all in one (long, drunken) night.

With just one ticket, experience the freedom of unlimited entry to all these clubs, letting you dance the night away to a diverse mix of DJs and musical genres. Don’t limit yourself — dive into the diverse beats and rhythms of Magaluf’s elite nightlife with the Magaluf Club Pass. It’s just common sense, really.

Boomerang Nightclub

Situated along Punta Ballena, Boomerang Nightclub Magaluf stands out as one of the premier clubs in the Magaluf Club Pass (MCP) lineup on the Magaluf strip. This hotspot delivers a diverse musical array, ranging from the latest hits to beloved R&B classics, ensuring guests a night filled with endless dancing.

Additionally, Boomerang enhances your night out with breathtaking, state-of-the-art lighting effects and offers the luxury of VIP tables complete with bottle service. Experience the pinnacle of Magaluf’s nightlife at Boomerang Nightclub.

clubbing in magaluf


Situated at the pinnacle of the Magaluf strip, Bananas holds its reputation as one of the most sought-after nightclubs in the area. This exceptional club promises a summer season filled with varied club nights and is your go-to destination for the most current and pulsating EDM anthems. Experience the zenith of nightlife and music at Bananas nightclub.

Car Wash

In search of an adventurous night out? Look no further than Carwash nightclub in Magaluf. As you step through its doors, immerse yourself in a diverse blend of high-energy, nostalgic tunes played at peak volume. And that’s not all — Carwash is renowned for hosting one of the island’s most beloved events: an exuberant foam party.

Amidst the beats from the DJs, prepare to dance the night away with friends and bask in this extraordinary adventure. If you’re a fanatic of timeless party anthems, make a beeline for Carwash.

Tokyo Joes

For lovers of hip-hop and RnB in Magaluf, Tokio Joes stands as the epitome of the Magaluf clubbing scene. This cutting-edge nightclub promises the perfect setting for an unforgettable night of dancing and revelry.

Its sleek interiors, advanced sound system, and seasoned DJs collectively cement its status as one of the most sought-after clubs in the MCP. Though it kicks off its season slightly later, around June, it’s worth the wait. Situated at the heart of the Magaluf strip, Tokio Joes boasts an unparalleled location for the ultimate nightlife experience.

Honeys Strip Club

Honeys holds the unique distinction of being the sole strip club within the MCP. Positioned at the top of the Magaluf strip, it stands as the perfect venue for unforgettable group celebrations. The ambiance is lively and inviting, so get stuck in.

The best bars on the Magaluf strip

For university students eager to dive into an energetic nightlife, Magaluf stands as a hotspot. The Strip, at the heart of it all, delivers the ultimate experience for those in search of both vibrancy and relaxation.

The array of bars in Magaluf caters to every partygoer, ensuring a memorable night out. Make sure not to miss out on some of the Strip’s most famed bars, including Stereo Bar, Tiger Tiger, Alex’s, and Galaxy, as you explore the bustling nightlife scene.

Crystals Bar

Crystals Bar Magaluf
Surce: Crystals Bar Magaluf, Facebook

Right at the end of the strip is Crystals Bar, which is open every day from 12 pm until 4 am. They also have booths and bottle service available, but with their experienced DJ’s playing music all night it may be hard to stay off the dance floor.

Galaxy Magaluf

Ready to kick off your night? Galaxy Magaluf is your go-to first port of call. As one of the largest bars in the area, it boasts a massive dance floor and exclusive VIP areas ideal for celebrating stag dos, hen parties, and birthdays, staying vibrant until 4 am.

At Galaxy Magaluf, indulge in a musical feast with DJs delivering a seamless mix of chartbusters, timeless classics, and the latest bangers. What’s more? Enjoy unbeatable drink deals throughout the night, ensuring your wallet remains as full as your spirits do.

Lineker’s Bar

Linekers Bar, Magaluf
Source: Linekers Bar, Facebook

However, if dancing isn’t really your thing you may want to try Lineker’s Bar, which is known as one of the best sports bars in Magaluf. They are open from 11:30 am until 2 am, and also have free Wi-Fi for their guests.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Bar, Magaluf
Source: Flickr

This well-known whiskey brand also has its own bar on the strip, with an open terrace and leather seating right next to the beach. They are open every day from 8 pm until 4 am.

magaluf strip stereo bar
Source: Instagram @stereomallorca

Stereo Bar

Looking for the ultimate night out spot in Magaluf? Look no further than Stereo Bar Magaluf. Divided into the Stereo Bar and Stereo Temple, the venue promises a blend of high-energy dance and chill vibes. Dance your stress away on the dance floor of Stereo Bar until 4am, or master the art of cocktails at a masterclass in the Stereo Temple.

After a day at the beach or a night of partying, unwind on their outdoor terrace. Here, you can catch up with all the latest sports and live football broadcasts throughout the day. It’s the go-to destination for those looking for a mix of fun, relaxation, and entertainment in Magaluf.

tiger tiger magaluf strip nightclubs
Source: Instagram @tigertigermagaluf

Tiger Tiger Magaluf

Situated at the heart of the renowned Magaluf strip, the Tiger Tiger Bar promises an unmatched night of partying. Featuring a nightly DJ, exclusive VIP sections for special events like stag and hen parties or birthdays, and staying open until 4am, Tiger Tiger ensures an unforgettable night of revelry.

magaluf mr miyagis
Source: Instagram @mrmiyagismagaluf

Mr Miyagis Magaluf

Situated at the heart of the iconic Magaluf strip, Mr. Miyagi’s stands as the perfect spot for a memorable night out. With DJs spinning a diverse mix from house to RnB and hip-hop, the vibrant beats ensure the party never stops.

Open until 4am, Mr. Miyagi’s lures you in with all-night drink specials, guaranteeing a great time without draining your wallet. Make your night legendary at Mr. Miyagi’s without breaking the bank.

alex's magaluf strip clubs and bars
Source: Instagram @alexsmagaluf

Alex’s Bars

Searching for the newest nightlife sensation in Magaluf? Look no further than Alex’s Bars. Nestled in the epicenter of the Magaluf strip, Alex’s Bars cater to every type of party animal.

Whether you’re into RnB, on the hunt for an indie music bar ideal for stag parties, or craving a party bar belting out all the beloved cheesy anthems, Alex’s Bars has got you covered. Explore the diverse atmospheres of Magaluf bars, where every taste finds its match.

Food and Restaurants

Although you may have come to the strip to party, it is also important to have something to eat, as there is nothing worse than drinking on an empty stomach. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, and on the strip itself, there is even a KFC and Burger King, as well as a nearby McDonalds to fulfil your fast food needs.

Chilli Lounge

Chili Lounge Magaluf
Source: Trip Advisor

The chilli lounge is located on the Magaluf Strip and has a huge range of options on their menu for people to try, including a chicken taco pizza for €12,50 or chicken quesadillas for €13.50. You can also get a beer here for just €3!

La Bodega

La Bodega, Magaluf
Source: La Bodega

If you enjoy tex-mex, this is definitely the restaurant for you as La Bodega is known for being one of the best tex mex restaurants in Mallorca. They have a range of options available, including tapas and fish dishes, as well as some tourist favourites, including the Wild West Burger and Rodeo Steak.

Accommodation and Hotels

There are also a dozen hotels nearby to the strip. Which is great, as it means after a late night or even an early morning of partying you don’t have to travel very far to get back to your hotel. However, these hotels are very much ‘party hotels’, some of which even have their own nightclubs.

Apartamentos Roc Portonova

Apartamentos Roc Portonova
Source: Roc Hotels

This 3-star hotel is located close to the famous strip and has a range of rooms available at an affordable range of prices. The hotel also has an indoor and outdoor pool, a bar, and it is also close to the beach. It’s a great hotel for those who want to party all night, and not have to trek a long way to have a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Samos

This all inclusive hotel is perfect group holidays, thanks to its prime location. A 4-star hotel, Hotel Samos attracts plenty of young tourists looking to party up big time on Magaluf’s strip.

If you wanna do more than party (sometimes), you’ll be pleased to hear that this hotel is close to some great local restaurants, tourist attractions and other facilities.

Hotel Sol Wave House

Ready for the ultimate Magaluf experience? Check into Sol Wave House, a super cool five-star hotel with killer views of the Mediterranean Sea and the beach. Situated right on the beachfront, it’s the dream spot to chill and get that well-deserved break.

The hotel’s spacious, modern rooms are decked out with air conditioning, a full kitchen, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi access, making your stay comfy and easygoing. Dive into awesome on-site facilities like a swimming pool, a laid-back outdoor bar area, and even your own artificial wave machine.

And guess what? It’s located right at the start of the Magaluf strip, next to the Stereo Bar, putting you smack in the middle of all the nightlife action. Book your spot at Sol Wave House now and get ready for a wild time.

Elba Sunset Mallorca

Ebla Sunset Mallorca
Source: Hoteles Elba

If you fancy something a bit more luxurious this 4-star hotel may be the option for you. The Elba Sunset has a gym, spa, and outdoor pool for its guests, and they also have dining options available too. It is also less than a 30-minute drive from Mallorca airport. The hotel is near the Magaluf Strip, but not so close that you will be able to hear the music all night long.

BH Mallorca

BH Mallorca
Source: BH Mallorca

This trendy 4-star hotel has a reputation for being one of Magaluf’s party hotels, as it has two restaurants, a club, as well as an adult-only water park. It is also just a seven-minute walk from the beach and an 8-minute walk from a mini-golf park.

magaluf apartments
Source: Instagram @apartamentosvistasol

Magaluf Vistasol Apartments

In search of affordable accommodation on the iconic Magaluf Spain strip? Look no further than Vistasol Apartments Magaluf, a prime choice for partygoers eager to be in the thick of Magaluf’s energetic nightlife and beach scene. Just a few paces from the bustling excitement and the serene beach, Vistasol Apartments Magaluf presents contemporary and ample apartments complete with home-like comforts.

Every apartment boasts air conditioning, satellite TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a fully furnished kitchen stocked with appliances and utensils. Not that you’re really gonna be doing much cooking, let’s be honest.

Top tips

However, like all busy places, it’s best to stay on alert for pickpockets, which can be hard to do when you’re out having fun.

Remember not to take too much cash out with you and only one card, in case they are stolen, you lose them, or your friend needs to take them off you before you buy around for the entire bar.

The strip also has four tattoo parlours, so make sure your friends are sober when they decide they want Magaluf 2023 tattooed on their back. Here are a few other things to look out for.

  • Respect the local police. They have a lot to deal with clubbers flocking to the party destination, so if you see something going on, don’t get involved.
  • Avoid the beach or dark places. While Magaluf is a busy with tourists and young people, being safe should be your top priority.
  • Take care of your friends while in Spain. Make sure you have a good time, but don’t let things get out of control, and don’t let your friends walk back to the hotel alone.
  • Remember, take your time with drinking, as there are no measures for drinks!

Common questions about the Magaluf Strip

What time does Magaluf close?

The bars on the strip close at 4am, while the nightclubs, such as MCP and BCM close at 6am.

Are there any rules in Magaluf?

Local police enforce several regulations for the maintenance of public order and safety. These include prohibitions on drinking in public spaces, walking shirtless during nighttime, and engaging in any type of fight. Additionally, Magaluf strictly bans alcoholic cruises and boat parties.

Can I wear shorts in Magaluf nightclubs?

Yeah, wearing shorts at clubs and bars in Magaluf is perfectly fine. If you book a VIP table, however, you might need to check their dress code.