Imagine Love Island, Ex on the beach, and Love is Blind got merged into one amazing show, that’s when you get Netflix’s latest original series, Too Hot to Handle.

This is a completely new type of dating show, which was released mid-April. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of watching THTH, contestants are invited to a luxurious villa in Punta Mita, Mexico where they are ready to have the time of their lives. All contestants are sexy singles ready to mingle, however, all good things come at a price, as any form of sexual contact within the retreat will result in money being deducted from the $100,000 cash prize.

Chloe Veitch

The 21-year-old British beauty was the first singleton to bless our screens on the latest Netflix series. Before the show Chloe was unsurprisingly a model, she won the pageant ‘Top Model’ in 2018 and that same year she was signed by Bame Models. Chloe is also a former estate agent, and she clearly has great taste as her Essex home is breath-taking. I would definitely trust Chloe to find my next home.

Her Instagram, @chloeveitchofficial, has 1M followers, and nearly 300 posts. Chloe also revealed on her Instagram that she has moved from Clacton, Essex to London for more work.

Haley Cureton

The 22-year-old blonde bombshell is from Jacksonville Florida, USA and made waves throughout her time on the show. From not knowing the language of her tattoo to actually not knowing where Australia is… made even more surprising when we learnt she actually majors in Geography at the University of North Florida. Here she was also a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

On the show, her best friend was Francesca Farago, and the dynamic duo certainly caused trouble when they kissed to deliberately lose money from the prize fund. Haley was also removed from the retreat by Lana after episode 5, after not following rules, being positive or trying to personally grow.

Her Instagram, @haley.cure has 266,000 followers despite only having 22 posts. She is an Instagram model alongside studying.

Francesca Farago

During the show, the 26-year-old Canadian vegan model and travel influencers actions led to a lot of money being withdrawn from the prize pot. A staggering $32,000! Whether that’s $3,000 for kissing Harry, $3,000 for kissing Haley, or $20,000 for having secret sex with Harry.

Her Instagram account @francescafarago boasts an astounding 1.9 million followers, and 678 posts, and shows how she is now splitting her time as an Influencer between Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, USA. She and Harry are also still a couple a year after the show wrapped, much to the surprise of many viewers.

Rhonda Paul

The 27-year-old American model has worked with many big brands, such as Converse. Rhonda is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently studying Sociology from the University of Virginia. She also owns her own jewellery brand, Pure Luxx, which sells bracelets and watches.

Her Instagram, @imrhondapaul, has 510,000 followers, alongside her 53 posts, most of which are photos from various photoshoots. Despite Rhonda having a romantic relationship with Sharron Townsend, the pair have reportedly broken up since leaving the retreat but remain close.

Nicole O’Brien

It is no surprise that the 24-year-old is also a model, who grew up in Cork, Ireland and left University College Cork with a degree in 2018. Nicole now lives in London after leaving her day job in sales and marketing.

Her Instagram, @nicole.ob, has 304,000 followers, and 107 posts. Since Nicole and Chloe have both made the move to London, they share an apartment and run a podcast together. Nicole is wanting to make the most of her current fame by being a role model for young girls and would also like to do more reality tv.

David Birtwistle

The 28-year-old fitness and nutrition coach is originally from Wigan, Manchester but now lives in London. Before entering the shows retreat David was a semi-professional rugby player for the London Wasps, as well as the founder of ‘Endeavour Life’. He also studied Strength & Conditioning at St Mary’s University in London alongside a BTN Nutrition Academy Qualification, and a diploma in Elite Athlete Development.

His Instagram @david.birtwistle has 457,000 followers, and 200 posts that are mainly of him working out. Although it seemed David and Lydia may have been romantically involved at the end of the series, his recent posts and captions seem to suggest that he is once again single.

Harry Jowsey

The 22-year-old Australian was head over heels for Francesca in the retreat and are still together now, despite a temporary split. Before appearing on THTH, Harry appeared on a New Zealand show called ‘Heartbreak Island’ in 2018.

His Instagram, @harryjowsey, has 1.4 million followers, alongside 338 posts. The cheeky chap is from Queensland, Australia, but is currently living in Los Angeles, which is one of the cities Francesca splits her time between. Harry also owns his own clothing brand, Naughty Possums, which mainly sells hoodies, t-shirts and accessories.

Sharron Townsend

The 25-year-old American personal trainer has been on our screens many times before appearing on THTH, he appeared on MTV’s undressed in 2017, and also made an appearance in Creed II and Love & Hip Hop. Sharron is from New Jersey and was even crowned Mr Pennsylvania in the 2018 Mr United States Pageant. On the show, he and Rhona were in a romantic relationship, and although they are not officially together anymore, they are still in regular contact.

His Instagram, @sharrontownsendofficial, has 344,000 followers, and 416 posts, which lately have all seemed to be professional snaps of him from photoshoots.

Matthew (Jesus) Smith

This 27-year-old Londoner was the king of the jungle and official accountant of the Netflix series. He stands at 6 foot 6 and tried to keep the order in the retreat even when it meant resisting the temptations of Francesca.

His Instagram, @kelechidyke, has 276,000 followers and 127 posts. Since the series ended, he has been back at his main job on Canary Wharf as a senior recruitment consultant. He also plays American football for the London Warriors, and his team have won the national championship two years in a row.

Bryce Hirschberg

This 29-year-old was late joining the retreat with his surprise arrival in episode 3, but his presence still made an impact. Before joining the show, he was not just a director, but also a producer and actor. Bryce studied Film Production at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and made two short films during his studies.

His Instagram, @brycehirshberg, has 132,000 followers alongside his 91 posts. Since leaving the show Bryce has returned to his boat (where he lives) and has been dating fellow cast member Nicole.

Kori Sampson

The 24-year-old serial swiper is both a model and personal trainer at Pure Gym from Plymouth, Devon. Fitness is clearly a huge part of his life as he even has his own book, ‘My Lean Lifestyle’. Kori’s roman numeral tattoo has also been translated to 6.9.69, which is rather risqué.

His Instagram, @korisampson, has 375,000 followers and 206 posts, most of which are cheeky bathroom selfies or snaps from professional photoshoots. His Instagram also suggests that he is living the same model lifestyle as he was before the retreat and ignoring Lana’s advice.

Madison Wyborny

The 20-year-old American model may be based in Los Angeles but she is constantly travelling. She joined the show rather late, in episode 6, before being eliminated by Lana two episodes later. She joined the show despite the fact she had never planned on doing reality TV.

Her Instagram, @madisonwyborny, has 104,000 followers and 546 posts, most of which are creative snaps from professional photoshoots. It’s clear that the show hasn’t had much impact on Madison after she didn’t have an emotional relationship with any of the guys, but she is back to doing what she loves and was doing before the show. Modelling and travelling.

Lydia Clyma

The 23-year-old model, actress, and presenter joined the show after Haley was eliminated by Lana. Lydia is from Portsmouth, UK but is now living in London. Before appearing on THTH she made an appearance on both Magaluf and Ibiza Weekender, and The Sex Clinic.

Her Instagram, @lydiaclyma, has 258,000 followers and 124 posts. Since leaving the retreat Lydia has returned to her job as a MMA ring girl, which she loves so much she sees it as a hobby rather than work.