Many methods are used to relieve pain from a person’s body and put them into a relaxed state. This can be done through different procedures such as physiotherapy, meditation and even spa treatments. One method that can be used is reflexology, a method that not many people are aware of.

What exactly is reflexology?

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves adding pressure to specific points in the feet, hands and ears. Reflexologists work on different reflex points on a person’s body that corresponds with glands, organs and other systems within the body. Reflexologists work on these areas using their fingers, by adding pressure onto the particular reflex point.  This reflex point targets different areas of the body intending to reduce tensions and strain. For example, adding pressure to your big toe can help relieve headaches and adding pressure to your small pinky toe can help relieve pressure off your ears. The picture below shows someone other parts of the foot that correspond with certain body parts.

Source: The Natural Health Hub

For thousands of years, this method has been used by Chinese practitioners who have used reflexology to re-balance their Qi (pronounced ‘chee’). This is thought to help treat severe symptoms (you may have seen this in the Kung Fu Panda movie).

Why do people get reflexology?

There are different reasons why people may opt-in for reflexology sessions, but it is most commonly used for relieving anxiety, stress and pain in the body. There are various benefits of reflexology, and these do differ between each individual. However, some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing headaches- for the majority of people, especially students, having a headache and experiencing migraines is almost the norm. Reflexology helps to reduce the severity of these by relieving tensions in the muscles.
  • Relaxation- reflexology opens neural pathways and nerve systems to neuron activity which relaxes the body.

Other benefits include reducing menstrual cramps, improving bladder functions and even helps with anxiety.

Source: Zeel Massage

What are the costs of reflexology sessions?

Like any massage session you may get (or a session of anything really) the price will depend on the target area that you want to treat and the area that you live in. Typically, one hour sessions of reflexology costs between £30 and £40.

What to expect from your first reflexology appointment?

At your first appointment, the reflexologist will conduct a basic health check to help decide on whether reflexology is suitable for you.  If it is, they will explain how the session works (for obvious reasons) and what to expect from it.

You will then lay on a chair, and the practitioner will activate the reflex point in your ears, hands and feet (again dependent on what it is your treating). If they find blockage or pain, they will apply pressure. This will promote healing in specific parts of your body.

So if you think reflexology is something that could be of a benefit to you, check out reflexology services in your local area and book a consultation.