The warm weather looks set to stay, so why not take a trip to one of the least crowded places in the UK? It’s a great way to get that vacay feeling without having to fly off or spend thousands. Find your own secret paradise with our  list of all the best hidden gems for you to explore next time you fancy a day out.

1. Cathedral Cavern, Cumbria

best unseen places to travel in the UK
Source: Trip Advisor

This cavern is a network of connected quarries above Little Langdale. It is forty feet tall and there is a beautiful entry of light from two small windows in the cavern’s walls. You can explore the quarries from their entrance by travelling down narrow tunnels and worming your way into the beautiful cave.

2. Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

the best hidden gems in the UK
Source: The Scotsman

Scotland is known for its really dramatic scenery, with rolling mountains and hills, huge lochs and moody cloudscapes, it truly is gorgeous. And Kilchurn Castle is no exception. This castle rests at the head of Loch Awe, and behind it sits the Ben Cruachan mountain. It is one of Scotland’s most photographed castles, yet remains one of the least-crowded places in the UK.

3. Heights of Abraham, Derbyshire

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Source: What’s On In Derby

Up in Matlock is Derbyshire’s oldest attraction which has been open ever since the 1780s. The Heights of Abraham is a hilltop park that is accessible either by foot or scenic cable car which travels over Derwent Valley. The park consists of a large number of underground caverns and mines, as well as glorious views of the peak district.

4. Ross Back Sands, Northumberland

the best hidden beaches in the uk
Source: UK Beach Guides

The Ross Back Sands is a quiet sandy spot that goes on for 5km from Budle Bay to Lindisfarne. You can access the spit from a 1.5km-long path that goes through Ross Farm and across dunes, putting off a lot of travellers and giving the spit its title of a ‘hidden gem’. Whilst on the beach, enjoy the white sands, a never-ending sky, and you can even see both Lindisfarne Castle and Bamburgh Castle as well as the Farne islands.

5. Walberswick, Suffolk

the best hidden beaches in the uk
Source: Explore Walberswick

This beautiful spot used to be a small trading port before its harbour silted up. It has since been dubbed a bohemian spot for artists like Philip Steer and Charles Mackintosh. It is very popular with walkers and birdwatchers and a few young families who travel to crab in the creek.

The best way to enjoy Walberswick is to travel there by rowing-boat ferry across the river from the Southwold.

6. Can Euny, Cornwall

Can Euny cornwall
Source: Country Life

Cornwall is gorgeous, there’s no secret there. But this little spot is an ancient hut settlement managed by English Heritage. You get to wander down old stone streets and see the low stone walls of the roundhouses buried beneath turf and wildflowers. There is also an entrance to a mysterious fogou (an underground structure) which is visible on the site. Can Euny is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or a picnic.

7. The Gray Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve, Dumfries and Galloway

scotland's hidden gems
Source: Scotland Road Trip Itinerary Planner

Once again up in Scotland is another of the least-crowded places in the UK. This is a section of truly wild and gorgeously rugged landscape that gives travellers a ‘taste of the highlands in the lowlands’. There is a 60m waterfall, which is the UK’s fifth highest, and a scenic walk around it which eventually brings travellers to Loch Skeen.

If you feel up to it, climb up to the top of White Coomb – it’s only 821 meters! – and enjoy the inspirational views over the Scottish borders.

8. Lundy Island, Devon

the best hidden gems in the uk
Source: Lonely Planet

Over in the Bristol Channel, Lundy Island is often isolated for days on end due to bad weather. It is a wild and beautiful island with practically no trees, barely any residents, no cars but lots of farm animals and footpaths.

The big attraction of the island is the colourful puffins that breed on the cliffside (best seen April to July). Guests can stay in a selection of accommodation, all self-catered, like a castle or a lighthouse.

9. St Martin’s Vineyard, Isles of Scilly

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Source: Trip Advisor

This stunning area was established in 1996 and is one of the island’s best-kept secrets. You can opt for a tour and a tasting session and stock up on bottles to take home or you can go on a self-guided tour for only £7.

10. Mynydd Carningli, Pembrokeshire

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Source: Country Life

This mountain towers around 340m above the seaside town of Newport and is an extinct volcano. At the top of the mountain you can see Iron and Bronze age remains, and you can learn about the meaning of ‘mynydd carningli’, the ‘mountain of angels’. It’s the perfect place to get away from it, being one of the least-crowded spots in the UK.

11. Oakham, Rutland

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Source: Cool Camping

Not necessarily a hidden spot, but definitely one of the least crowded places in the country, Oakham is a gorgeous and quaint town in Rutland with lots of little shops and stone terraces. It’s a great place for a sleepy weekend away if you’re a fan of gastropubs and countryside scenery.

12. Fairy Pools, Skye 

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Source: Viator

These gorgeous blue pools of water are naturally formed and completely stunning. Take a trip to Skye for a long weekend and paddle around in the clear water, and be sure to take lots of pictures! It is not a place that looks like it belongs in the UK, and being one of the least-crowded, it’s definitely a hidden gem.

13. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, East London

Best hidden temples in the uk
Source: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

This architectural masterpiece is a traditional Hindu temple, hidden away in East London. The building is located in Neasden but each piece of the temple was crafted by hand in India and transported over to the UK. Well-trimmed hedges and dome-shaped roofs surround the marvellous white walls, which definitely makes it a must-see London sight.

14. St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall 

best hidden castles in the uk
Source: St. Michael’s Mount

This delightful little island has a historic castle and a beautiful church, and the views of the sunset over the sea from it are iconic. There is even a cliffside garden that covers the cliffs down to the coast. It’s one of least crowded and most beautiful places in the UK by far.

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