If you’ve just finished the incredibly addicting ‘Love is blind’ on Netflix, then you might currently be experiencing the pangs of loss familiar to any modern binge-watcher. You might be left wondering how you are going to fill your time now, now that you can’t just let the next episode automatically roll on.

Well, if you are in this position, and searching for your next big binge, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a number of brilliantly trashy shows that capture the same fun, frisky atmosphere that made ‘Love is Blind’ such a big hit.

Back with the Ex

Back with the ex is a recent Netflix release with a novel premise that you just know is going to stir drama. In this show, four couples do the unthinkable and get back together with their former spouses, to see if they can work through their differences. Will they be able to patch over their past problems, or will they fall into the same bad habits and traps that they did before? If you really want to find out, then you can find all 7 episodes on Netflix now.

My Hotter Half

My Hotter half is a controversial show which has divided critics, but if you liked the playfulness of ‘Love is Blind’ then this might just be your thing. In this reality show, couples test their relationship by putting their respective appearances to a public vote, to see who is hotter. That’s never gonna cause a fight, right? The loser in this show must submit to a makeover, while the winner just sits back in the smug knowledge that they’re not the one who is punching above their weight. This is trash TV at its most glorious, but it’s bound to provide hours of fun, wither watching alone or with friends. Head over to Netflix where you can catch all 20 episodes now.

The Bachelor

This is an American classic but might not be totally familiar to British audiences. It has been going strong for over 16 years now. The concept of this show is simple. Over the course of a few weeks, one (lucky) man goes on a series of dates with some very attractive women. At the same time, the girls compete in a host of challenges that attempt to test their compatibility or loyalty to the main man. This results in some seriously good trash TV, with some real laugh out loud moments, and some other surprisingly heartfelt moments. The Bachelor is now on its 23rd season and has a fine selection of episodes currently available on Netflix. If you like shows like First Dates or Celebs go dating, this could be your next go-to box-set!

Dating Around

This is Netflix’s own version of a more traditional dating show (think First Dates, but with added American cringe). In this show, one man goes on a series of blind dates, attempting to find ‘the one’. It’s filled with some sweet moments, some cringe moments, and plenty of in-between encounters. Each episode is relatively short, only 25-30 minutes, so you could easily binge this one fully in a few days. Currently, there is just one season released, but a second season is supposedly in the works. If you’re feeling kind of lovey-dovey after finishing ‘Love is Blind’, this could be the show for you.

Yummy Mommies

This one is yet another example of golden Australian trash TV. In this Kardashian-esque series, we follow the fortunes of some very high-class expectant mothers, as they prepare for their babies arrivals. This show features everything from gold plated baby carriages to the most glitzy baby showers you’ve ever seen. What’s more, the cast of characters is hilarious and features some of the people we all love to hate. This show has attracted somewhat of a cult following, as we all collectively wonder how these out of touch mothers will fare when their precious packages finally arrive. Currently, there are two seasons released with 10 episodes in each. All of these are available on Netflix, ready for you to sink your eyes into!

All these shows are brilliant options to help fill the void from ‘Love is Blind’, because we all need a good dose of trash T.V now and again.