In case you’ve been living under a rock, Squid Game is a Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. It is incredibly interesting, dramatic, heartwrenching and everything you’d ever want from a Netflix binge. Which explains exactly why so many people have finished Squid Game and are desperate for more Korean TV shows/films to watch on Netflix. To help you out, we’ve got a list of recommendations for Korean things to watch on Netflix next.

1. Start-Up 

Love tech and drama? Well, Start-Up follows a group of millennials who are just entering the harsh, brutal and unreal world of the Korean tech industry. In the Sandbox (a fictional Silicon Valley in Korea), the group of lovable characters compete with one another for success and love.

2. The Uncanny Counter

This K-Drama focuses on So Mun, a disabled high-schooler, who is called upon to be part of a group of paranormal hunters called the Counters. The group search for and fight against evil spirits that come from the afterlife to attack humans.

3. Stranger

For any crime lovers, this Korean show follows a female detective and a prosecutor incapable of empathy as they work together to solve a murder case. They tackle the challenging case with all of their efforts, battling everything from political corruption to huge conglomerates.

4. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 

Want a little romance? Check out Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. The show follows a dentist who moves from the big city back to her cosy and quiet seaside hometown. Once she’s there, she meets the village’s charming handyman and finds him to be her exact opposite.

5. Crash Landing on You 

Tackling the complex issue of the Korean divide, Crash Landing on You follows Yoon Se-ri after she crash lands in North Korea. There, she meets a member of the North Korean elite who agrees to help her hide.

6. Kingdom 

Anyone who likes fantasy/sci-fi shows will love Kingdom. Netflix’s first-ever original Korean series, the show is about a mysterious plague that suddenly spreads across ‘the kingdom’, turning those infected into monsters. It is left to the prince of the kingdom to save everyone.

7. Sweet Home 

Another fantasy/sci-fi show, Sweet Home is set in a world where a state of emergency has been declared as humans start to turn into horrific monsters. The show follows a teenager and his neighbours in their desperate fight for survival.

8. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay 

Heartfelt, romantic and deep, this Korean TV series is all about a selfless woman who works as a psych ward caretaker. Busy with work, the young woman has no time for love, and yet finds herself meeting an antisocial and successful children’s book writer.

9. Love Alarm

Black Mirror meets romance meets K-Drama, Love Alarm is set in a world where an app alerts you if somebody nearby likes you (imagine Grindr, but less sex and more emotions). The show focuses on Kim Jojo and her experiences with love entwined with technology.

10. Vagabond

Vagabond is about a stuntman who finds himself involved in a very dangerous and tricky web of corruption whilst he tries to figure out what happened in the plane crash that killed his nephew.

11. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Think Bridgerton and Little Women – Rookie Historian is set in the Joseon Dynasty, and follows noble lady  Goo Hae-ryung as she fights to be seen as a historian, and Prince Yi Rim who is secretly writing romance novels. The pair’s lives entwine, and the plot ensues.

12. Cheese In The Trap 

This show follows a hardworking junior student, Hong Seol, who meets a wealthy and charming senior Yoo Jung. It turns out that he has a dark and manipulative side, and yet the two fall in love – overcomplicating everything.

13. Memories of The Alhambra 

Another sci-fi diamond, Memories of The Alhambra follows video game developer Jung Se-Joo who creates an addictive AR where gamers can battle, and then discovers a deadly bug in the game.

14. Okja 

Directed by Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho, this Korean film is all about pigs. Yep, you read that right. Pigs. The 2017 movie is about a corporation that creates super pigs, send them out to be raised, and then when they move a super pig that has been raised in South Korea by Mija, the young girl sets out to save her friend.

15. Lucid Dream 

Do you enjoy movies that make you think? Lucid Dream follows investigative journalist Dae-ho whose son is kidnapped. Three years pass, and unable to rescue his son, he learns of a therapy that allows the individual to lucid dream. The dreams help him remember the day his son was taken, and they open the investigation using the new evidence.

It’s great that services like Netflix let us explore movies and shows from other cultures, especially when they’re as incredible as the things on this list! We also have to give an honourable mention to Train to Busan, a classic Korean zombie film that has unfortunately been taken off of Netflix.