Getting paid to sit on your sofa and react to your favourite TV programmes seems like the perfect way to rise to fame and make money. But who are the richest stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox? Each family that appears on the show is paid an equal sum of £1500, but they make extra cash through their social media accounts, so here is the Gogglebox rich list in ascending order.

Amira Rota

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Schoolgirl Amira, one of the youngest cast members, earns £4.30 per post to her Instagram account. This allows her to earn just under £20 a month, which puts her at the bottom of the rich list, but is still handy pocket money which adds up to £200 a year. Gogglebox fans have warmed to her due to her smiley and positive personality.

Tremmaine Plumber

Tremmaine, who is one of the three Plumber brothers who appears on the show, is thought to earn £14.19 per Instagram post to his 5000 followers. This adds up to £60 a month and £700 a year. When not appearing on Gogglebox, he works as a chef. Along with his brothers, Tremmaine is most famous for his infectious laughing fits whilst watching his favourite TV programmes.

Twaine Plumber

Footballer Twaine on the other hand earns a little more than his brother. He makes roughly £16.34 per post, with a slightly higher follower count of 7000. This allows him to earn £784 per year from his Instagram account.

The Siddiquis

The Siddiquis family also earn £16.34 per post, just like Twaine Plumber, even though they have considerably more followers than him (63.8k). The family is made up of retired father Sid and his two sons Umar and Baasit, who work in microbiology and teaching respectively.

Tristan Plummer

The final Plumber brother to appear on the list, Tristan earns over double his brothers at £35.26 per post. He has 11k followers. This makes him the first cast member on the list who earns over £1000 from his Instagram account each year. Like his brother Twaine, he is also a footballer.

Louis Michael

Louis earns £44.72 per Instagram post, totalling £2000 a year. This money will be very handy to fund his lifestyle as a student. He appears on the show with his mum Carolyne and his dad Andrew.

Stephen Webb

Stephen rakes in £288.96 per Instagram post, after becoming a fan favourite when he uttered one of Gogglebox’s most famous phrases “Not a f***in’ terrorist, though, Chris!”. This allows him to earn £14k a year.

Ellie Warner

Ellie earns £477.30 per post to her 344k followers, which is slightly less than her sister Izzi. However, this still totals to an impressive £23,000 a year – not bad at all! When not filming for Gogglebox, she works as a hairdresser.

Izzi Warner

Izzi earns slightly more than Ellie, despite having less followers (283k), charging a fee of £490.20 per Instagram post. One of her most iconic moments in the latest series of Gogglebox was her controversial attack on Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She works in the beauty industry like her sister, as a nail technician.

Tom Malone

Despite announcing he has now left the show’s cast, model and dancer, Tom earns 25k per year on Instagram. He appeared on the show alongside his mum Julie, dad Tom Snr, brother Shaun and their dogs. He has recently found further fame on Tik Tok, a platform on which he has gained a large following.

Pete Sandiford

Half of the iconic Blackpool sibling duo, Pete earns £460 per sponsored Instagram post. With 376k followers, he may earn less than his sister Sophie, but he still makes a staggering £30k a year. He works in the insurance industry when he is not being filmed sat in front of his telly.

Sophie Sandiford

Sophie is the second richest Gogglebox cast member in terms of social media earnings. She earns £778.30 per post to her 454k followers, totalling £37k per year. She used to be a shop window dresser, but unfortunately lost her day job after the Debenhams chain announced its closure. She has recently started working as a florist instead.

Jenny and Lee

Fan favourites Jenny and Lee’s joint Instagram account is rapidly gaining followers, currently standing at 543k. They are rumoured to make over £76,162 a year on Instagram, an increase of £28k in the past year. This makes their account the highest-earning Instagram page out of the entire Gogglebox cast, and they top the rich list. They earn roughly £1001.90 for each post, which equates to £6,347 a month. The pair of best friends are extremely popular amongst the show’s viewers, due to their admirably close bond with each other and the hilarious jokes they play on each other.