The Campus Advisor has just released a list ranking the best 30 student cities in the world. The list compiled findings taken from 12,164 students ratings and reviews. These reviews were based on factors including cost of living, student friendliness, nightlife, public transport, amenities, diversity and personal opinion. All of this information was compiled together to come up with this list of the best 30 student cities in the world. Can you guess which 4 UK cities made the list?

4th best UK student city: Nottingham 

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Nottingham has been ranked the 26th best student city in the world. That’s the 4th highest ranked UK city and the 15th highest in Europe. In fact, out of all of the categories listed above, it scored an impressive 4.52 out of 5 for student friendliness and 4.42 out of 5 for nightlife.

When asked if they would recommend living in Nottingham as a student, 96.2% of reviewers said they would recommend it. What’s more, 98.5 % of reviewers said they thought Nottingham had a diverse population and 99.2% said they thought there was a good variety of places to eat out, as well as bars and clubs.

Student reviewers said “Nottingham is always busy and is full of students from a variety of backgrounds. There is a multitude of bars/pubs some of which provide student days. Always seems to be jobs going in Nottingham with a high demand for students.”

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3rd best UK student city: Edinburgh

Guess which 4 UK cities have been named best student cities in the world?
Source: Canva

Coming in at position 16 is Edinburgh. The Scottish city scored an impressive 4.27 out of 5 in total for the categories listed above. Out of all of those categories, it scored highest for Student friendliness, achieving 4.82 out of 5. It also scored highly on public transport ( 4.49 out of 5) and safety (4.47 out of 5)- that’s pretty good going. In fact, over 95% of reviewers said that there were a good variety of options for eating out as well as bars and clubs. (Check out our list of the best student nights in Edinburgh to see what’s on.)

Additionally, 98.8% said that Edinburgh has interesting cultural experiences and 100% felt that Edinburgh has a large student population.

Reviewers said “Edinburgh is a good city, not too crowded and not too small either. It has really good public transport with frequent buses to and from the university. Great nightlife, lots of places to eat and hang out in, a massive student population because Edinburgh has 6 different universities in the city and even more colleges.”

2nd best UK student city: London

Guess which 4 UK cities have been named best student cities in the world?
Source: Canva

Next on our list and in position number 10 on the list of best student cities in the world is the capital, London. Despite its high cost of living, London came in as the 5th highest-ranked European city. Not surprisingly it scored highest on amenities with 4.89 out of 5. It also scored highly on student friendliness and nightlife (although slightly lower on the cost of living and safety.) Check out our guide on living in London on a budget for some tips on this.  It seemed that the things students liked the most about living in London were its large and diverse student population, its cultural experiences and opportunities for jobs.

Students here said  “Living in London as an international student is an experience I will never forget. The general amount of activities, events and places to visit are just innumerable. There is something for everyone here, especially for foodies, those who love going out and lovers of culture. It is expensive, but I found it to be worth the cost.”

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Best UK student city: Newcastle

Guess which 4 UK cities have been named best student cities in the world?
Source: Canva

Last but definitely not least, the UK city that scored the highest in the list of best student cities is Newcastle. This student favourite came in at position 2- that’s the second-best student city in the entire world. Not surprisingly, it scored highly on all of the categories including 4.85/5 for nightlife and 4.8 for student friendliness. It also scored highly for safety, amenities and public transport. Even more impressively, 100% of students said that they would recommend living there and 100% said that there were good options for both bars and clubs as well as for eating out.

Reviewers spoke highly of the city saying “Newcastle as a city is extremely student-friendly. I think the most important aspect for myself, has always been safety and not once over the course of my 4 years here have I felt unsafe. Eating out and nightlife is also fantastic in Newcastle and does not cost you an arm and a leg. New restaurants/bars are consistently opening up, so there is a wide variety of cuisines and tastes available to try.”

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Outside of the UK, other cities that scored highly on this list included: Melbourne– Australia’s cultural capital scored top of the list for student cites in the world. The categories that Melbourne scored highest for were student friendliness, nightlife, amenities and safety. In fact, 100% of reviewers said that there were good options for bars, clubs and eating out. 98.9% said that they would recommend living there as a student.

Seoul in South Korea came in at third place with Vienna, Austria and Montreal, Canada in fourth and fifth place. You can view the full list here on The Campus Advisor. 

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