• New interactive mapping feature helps you discover people you crossed paths with over the past 7 days

• Retrace your steps to see if potential crushes IRL are also happners

• Safety first, the precise geographic location of a user is still totally invisible for the other users

happn, the hugely popular dating app which helps daters find people they’ve crossed paths with in real life has today launched an interactive mapping feature. It enables individuals to tap any location they’ve visited over the past seven days and see who else was nearby at the same time and on the lookout for love.

The feature means singles can retrace their footsteps to see if someone who caught their eye is also a happner. Users can simply open the mapping feature, click on a location and see if they appear in the list of all happners they have crossed paths with over the past seven days. Whether at a concert, a sporting event or in a bar – you can find others at the same event within a 250 metres radius – and immediately have something in common! Offering the perfect ice-breaker, it’s up to each happner to make luck happen and meet in real life.

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Founder of happn, Didier Rappaport comments: “The crossing of paths between two people has always been the DNA of happn and with the new Map feature, we go further in our promise by separating the dimensions of space and time, because time flies, but places stay still! The profiles are no longer only sorted in chronological order and in real time but also according to your place of geographical crossings.”

Three reasons why real life changes everything on a dating app: French app happn has been a huge hit with people on the lookout for romance, particularly in cities, as it uses geolocation in real time to help individuals Crush with those they’ve walked past in the street, sat next to on the train, or spotted from afar who appear on their easy to view timeline. The difference is these interactions start from real life, not an endless catalogue of hundreds of profiles sometimes a 100 miles away, that you swipe on carelessly. Real life is an organic filter for great encounters, as luck has gathered two people in a specific place at a specific moment in time for a reason. happn is all about feelings and emotions, this is why we “Crush” on the app, and don’t “Match” (which is a strictly algorithmic result).

Any users timeline is unique as are their everyday lives and the paths they follow. The potential Crushes appearing on the app were really close, and are real people whom you could run into out shopping or while on your commute. This is why benevolence is a core rule at happn and applies to both IRL and in-app. If any user behaves inappropriately, the role of the community is to report them so that the dedicated support team takes action within 30 minutes.

happn takes users’ safety and confidentiality seriously, which is why the precise geographic location of a user is totally invisible for the other users. The only visible location is the place where two users crossed paths with each other within the radius of 250 metres. But it is impossible to localise a user precisely via the app.

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The new feature is joining the highly popular CrushTime that allows users to triple their chances of getting a Crush and See You There that lets users state on their profile if they are available to share an activity.

The new mapping feature utilises the same geolocation data that happn use already to help individuals scroll through their timeline.