Are you heading off to uni shortly? The chances are you’ve probably sorted your accommodation, bought some new clothes to impress and arranged to get all your kitchen and bedroom essentials when you get to your new city. But have you stopped to think about student insurance to insure your content, gadgets and possessions? Here is the different student insurance you can get and it could save you thousands in the long run!

Content Insurance

Content insurance is to protect your belongings. Generally, content is classed as belongings that could be taken with you if you decided to move house.

A content insurance policy protects your belongings against theft or damage from fire and flooding. This can include furniture, entertainment items, kitchenware, soft furnishings, electricals, toys and clothes and jewellery, plus more.

If your living in halls of residence it will be a good idea to check whether they have already arranged possession insurance for you. You can use the search function here to check.

How does it work?

You’ll find that most insurance companies will operate under two policies:

  1. Indemnity: this policy takes into account wear and tear items that you may claim for. For example, if you had a 3-year-old rug which gets ruined by a leak, any payout you may get would take into account the age of the rug and therefore the amount you get would reduce from your original price paid.
  2. New for old: This policy will payout for the full amount of the item so you can buy a replacement. These policies tend to have higher premiums. This means your cost of insurance may increase after you claim.

Is it compulsory to insure your content?

It isn’t compulsory at all to insure your content.

How much do I insure my belongings for?

You would insure your belongings for what they are worth. You would want to have enough cover to replace everything you own if something was to happen to your place of residence. It’s worth trying to get this as accurate as possible and the best way to do this is to go room by room and calculate the cost.

Student PI Insurance

If you’re planning to set up a business whilst at university then you may want to look into business insurance. Business Insurance protects you from any loss suffered from your normal activities in a day, for example, if your business suffered a compensation claim. Covers include professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employers insurance and tradesman’s liability insurance.

If you’re working with clients they may ask for your insurance cover before working with your company.

Student: Car insurance

You may need car insurance, temporary car insurance or learner car insurance.

Student: mobile phone / Gadget insurance

This insurance will cover you from your phone or gadgets being lost, damaged or stolen.

Studying abroad

If your planning to study abroad you’ll need insurance to cover your medical and your residence whilst you’re abroad.

Cyber protection

The internet is the fastest growing place for crime in the UK. To protect yourself from this you can take out personal cyber protection insurance.

Travel insurance

You can get an annual or single trip backpacker policy which covers any dangerous sports you undertake. offers a range of student insurance policies to cater for everything you may need.

Student Contents Insurance

  • Student Possessions insurance for students living in shared or rented accommodation. Can be anything form university halls of residence to small private sector house. For personal possessions sums insurer from £2,000 up to £14,000 with a range of optional extension – laptop anywhere in UK, mobile phones, tuition fee and rent protection, damage landlords property, musical instruments, camera equipment, personal accident and criminal assault cover, pedal cycles and valuables outside of the room.
  • Student Possessions provides “walk in theft” as standard and has a low £10 excess which is the first part of any claim. Our competitors usually apply a £25 excess as a minimum and an additional excess for laptop/portable computer equipment.
  • Has an optional extension for Accidental Damage to Landlords property up to £10,000 which many landlords are now insisting students residents provide evidence of.

Student Essential Insurance

  • Essentials Insurance – ideal for students who may be studying at their home town university and still living at parent’s home. Can insure individual items such as laptops, musical instruments, pedal cycles, valuables, mobile phones, tuition fee and rent protection, photographic and camera equipment.  Parents household insurance does not always provide adequate cover, has higher excess and required forcible entry for theft cover to apply.

Gadget Bundles

  • Gadget Bundles – cover for a range of gadgets including mobile phone, computer equipment. Can insure up to 5 items under one policy with premium discount increasing depending on number of items insured.

Other Student Insurance