Are you looking to get away this summer? As students, we seem to always have a separate tab dedicated to cheap flights, holidays and package deals amongst the hundreds of readings we have to do. It gives us motivation to get through those tough assignments. If you are struggling to think of ideas of where to go with your friends, then this article will interest you massively! Not only will I reveal countries that are student-friendly, but I will also reveal the happiest countries in the world for young people based on data from! You really can get the best of both worlds.

1. Denmark

Denamrk Copenhagen happiest country
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Ranking number 5 for the happiest countries in the world for young people, Denmark really has something to offer! It’s only a 2-hour flight away to the capital with flights costing as little as £36 in summer. This creates a perfect cheap weekend getaway to wind down with your friends. For accommodation options, to make it even cheaper, you could find hostels in the centre if you’d rather focus on creating memories than glamour. Plus, 50% of the population rides a bike to work so there must be some stunning views to capture!

2. Ireland

Dublin Ireland is a great student city to travel to
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Some happy places aren’t too far from home! Ireland is only a 1-hour flight away (travelling to Dublin) at just shy of £34. You can experience the happy-go-luckyness of the country that justifies its high ranking in the happiest countries for young people by getting stuck-in to the Irish drinking culture. However, you have to be careful as most bars and pubs will only allow 21+ so perhaps, Ireland may be a perfect option post-graduation.

3. Italy

Rome, Italy
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If you want to level up your Instagram game by finding a picturesque city fulfilled with ancient history then Italy may be a good contender! With return flights to Rome for as little as £80, you could be cosplaying the perfect tourist whilst soaking up the 31° heat they experience in July. I hear the Colosseum is definitely worth the long queues…And not to mention the food – think pizza, pasta, wine, bread, ice cream (or gelatos if you want to sound all cultured).

4. Portugal

Portugal happiest countries to visit
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Portugal ranks as the 55th happiest country in the world for young people and it’s easy to see why, especially if we look at Albufeira. Its bustling Old Town provides the perfect mix of great food and amazing nightlife. To get the best price, you may have to look into hotels that are about a 10-20 min walk from the strip as central locations are always that little bit more expensive. This is a happy but more beachy option in comparison to the others I have mentioned so if walking around the city don’t take your fancy, then I’m sure Albufeira will!

5. Greece

Why not get your girls’ together and have that Mamma Mia summer you’ve always been dreaming of? Package holidays from easyJet start at £450 for a whole week in July so why not get those breezy maxi skirts out, piña coladas and soak up the sunsets with your best friends. What have you got to lose? Remember money comes back, memories don’t!

I hope this article has given you some inspiration for some last-minute getaways this summer. Perhaps, you might want to stay closer to home this summer. If so, you can check out our fun UK road trip ideas! We can sometimes forget how beautiful the views we have on our doorstep are so why not make the most of them instead?

Last Updated on June 27, 2024


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