Freshers is just around the corner, so as many of us begin packing our stuff and moving back to uni, we’re still patiently waiting for those loans to come in. So, if you’re broke but wanting to have a freshers you won’t forget, here’s how to save money at freshers whilst still enjoying yourself.

Club discount nights

make the most of freshers' week

Most nightclubs have one night a week that are cheaper than the other days they are open, and you can usually find this out on their social media pages or website. These nights are usually weekdays, so the weekends can be more expensive. Most cities also have ‘student night’ on a Wednesday night, when the clubs are a little cheaper for students. It depends on your city, so definitely have a look before freshers, to see where you can save some money!

You can also look into Freshers’ wristbands.

Pre-drinks are important

Drinking in pubs and clubs can be expensive, especially if your university is in a rich area. So what most people do is drink before you go out, so you don’t end up spending as much money on drinks. It’s cheaper and better value for money to buy drinks in a supermarket compared to in a club. Supermarkets usually also have deals on some drinks, so it works out cheaper again as well.

Student shopping night

Student shopping night is when some shops in a shopping centre stay open later (until 8pm) for students, and offer their stuff at a discounted price. This is great on how to save money at freshers, and it’s also pretty fun going shopping late into the night, as it’s not something that happens often. To find out if and when your city is hosting a student shopping night, follow their website for more information.

Download discount apps

There are so many apps out there aimed at students, such as Unidays and Student Beans, that have tonnes of student discounts up for grabs. These discounts can be used on technology, clothes, and restaurants, which is always useful (especially if you have an online shopping addiction). These are definitely worth downloading, even if you don’t think you’ll use them that much.

Check the perks that your bank offers

So this may sound like a bit of an odd one, but many banks offer perks to students who have a student bank account with them. Santander offers students a free 16-25 railcard, which is fantastic for students who travel a lot. Other banks such as Natwest offer students a tastecard, helping you save money whilst eating out. Every bank has something different to offer, so check and see what you could get! It’s great to get this sorted out during freshers, so you can make the most of it while you’re not busy. 

Explore your city!

Obviously there’s more to freshers than just going out every night, and exploring your new city is important anyway, whether you like going out our not. All you need to do for this is catch a bus to the city centre or walk, and see what’s there! I guarantee you’ll find out more yourself in person rather than looking online. It’s a fun way to get your bearings, and find out what other fun stuff your new home has to offer. A lot of these places (such as bowling, crazy golf etc) offer student discounts as well, especially if you’re in a city that’s known for its university. But don’t worry, if you can’t find anything, we have loads of articles on different things to do in different cities on our website!

Keep up with your student union

Following your student union on social media pages is great on how to save money at freshers. Whenever an event is happening in the university (and there will be loads during freshers), they will be posting everything to social media. These events can be things such as poster sales (these are usually cheaper than what you’d find elsewhere, and it’s a fantastic way to decorate your room), deals that your student union bar/club offers, and loads of other stuff as well.

 So, now you know how to save money at freshers. If you’re still feeling unprepared about university, read our article on 10 things to know before moving into student halls. Hope all your freshers are a blast!