It happens. There is no shame in admitting that we sometimes receive gifts that we just don’t love or know we will not use. Whether it’s a piece of clothing not to your taste, a pair of shoes too small, or an accessory that doesn’t match your phone: there are better ways to solve the issue of what to do with your unwanted gifts than to let them collect dust or be thrown away. Here is a list of suggested ways to deal with gifts you don’t want.

1. Exchange it

gifts you dont want
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If your gift-giver has been kind enough and foreseen any gift issues by including a gift receipt, then take advantage of it! By already having your hands on the receipt, it avoids any awkward conversations of asking for the receipt and it guarantees that there will be no hard feelings. You can go to the shop with some peace of mind and swap the present in question for something more to your taste.

2. Sell your gifts online

gifts you dont want
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Rather than letting your unwanted gifts turn into clutter, why not be a sustainable king or queen and sell them on second-hand online retailers like Depop and Vinted? If you find that buying everyone’s Christmas presents has meant that you are tight on money, selling your gifts is an additional bonus in that it can help your finances. You also do not need to be scared off by the prospect of selling online for it sounding like it would be a lot of effort. Depop and Vinted make it super easy and quick to set up an account and sell; with no strings attached. There is no wonder that these sites have become so popular in recent years. Go and see what the hype is all about whilst giving your gifts a new loving home.

3. Donate them to a charity shop

gifts you dont want
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As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When getting rid of unwanted gifts, donating them to your chosen charity shop is always a great option. It is again, quick and easy, and it also means that as you are essentially helping a charity to raise funds, you can get rid of any guilt you may feel from ‘getting rid’ of your presents.

4. Sell unused gift cards

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Some say gift cards are one of the best gifts you can give someone as you cannot go wrong. Although there is certainly less wriggle room to make a mistake, gift cards are not flawless. Well, if you find yourself to be in a position where you really cannot find anything you want from the shop your gift card is from, have a look at websites such as Cardpool, CardCash and Gift Card Granny which will buy your cards off you for up to 92% of the original value. On CardCash and Gift Card Granny you can even exchange your gift card for a card from a brand of your choice.

5. Regift it

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There is no embarrassment in regifting presents which you cannot exchange but are sure you will not put to good use. What’s more, regifting is easy, simple, and completely free! If you think that your gift will be perfect for someone else, then it also saves you time buying their present when the next birthday or Christmas comes around (and by that time, most people have forgotten what they got someone).

Another great way to regift if you find that there are a few of you who have received gifts that aren’t quite right is to host a gift swap gathering. Although pretty self-explanatory, the idea is to invite your friends and get them to bring their unwanted gifts. You can then exchange your goods for ones you much prefer; this way, everyone wins! The only thing to bear in mind is to be careful not to regift in the same circle of people you got the present from.

6. Repurpose it

gifts you don't want
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Living in the age of Youtube and Tik Tok and the masses of tutorial videos available online, a fantastic and quirkier way to deal with the issue of having gifts you don’t want is to actually use them. Repurposing items allows you to reimagine gifts from ones you had no use for to something you not only have great use for but love. Maybe you were given an ugly jumper – but what if you used the fabrics to create a bag instead? Or were you given one too many mugs which you can no longer fit into your cupboard? Why not make them into a couple of aesthetic plan pots? Let your imagination run wild – the possibilities are endless!