Apple is one of, if not, the biggest technology company in the entire world, making over $65 billion a year in revenue and selling nearly one million products every single day. However, there is a method behind this madness, as although their products may be slightly more expensive than the new Android releases, many prefer them because of their modern style, speed, and ease of usage.

As a student, it’s essential to have up-to-date working devices, as all of our lectures and seminars are now being held online. You will need speed, easy maintenance and ease of navigation, all of which Apple products have. This does come at a cost, but Apple has released a programme which allows students to buy their products at a reduced price, which is worth taking advantage of, so let’s see how it works.

Apple is currently offering 10% off their laptops and tablets for students, which may not seem like a large discount at first glance, but with many of their products costing close to £1000, this can mean significant savings.

What to do

To start with, simply google ‘Apple Store Education’, and it will lead you to the education section of their website. It should look like this.

Apple store for education
Credit: Apple

Next, click on the UNiDAYS link at the top to verify that you are a student. If you already have an existing account, just log in and follow the instructions. If not, follow
this link to take you to their website and create an account; it’s super easy, and you’ll be notified of great student deals.Source: Apple


Once verified, feel free to shop until you drop! Get the newest MacBook Airs from just £898.80 (originally priced at £999) MacBook Pro’s from £1,168.80 (originally priced at £1,299) and even iMac’s from £988.80 (originally priced at £1,099).

Perhaps you don’t fancy a laptop, and tablets are a much better option for you? They’re much slimmer, easier to travel with, and are also available on the education store. Original iPads are available from £309.60 (originally £329), iPad mini’s from £379.20 (originally £399), iPad Air’s from £535.20 (originally £579) and iPad Pro’s from £730.80 (originally £769).

Apple also offers trade-in prices, so if you already have a device that’s working to a reasonable degree, you can trade it in to get even more money off your next purchase.

And yes, all of these products are the newly released devices, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth in speed, modern specifications and model.