There are so many phone plans to choose from these days that it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best mobile deal to suit your situation. Your needs may also change, especially if you’re soon to venture off to uni, you may find yourself using up more data or even needing international call minutes to call home.

There are so many different elements to consider, how many minutes, texts or data do you need? Will you go for a phone contract or sim only deal? Do you need international minutes? It’s hard to know where to start. But finding the right plan for you could save you tonnes in the long run.

To help you out, we’ve partnered with O2 to show you how to customise and save money on your phone plan.

Design your phone plan!

A standard phone plan may not suit everyone’s usage needs, but just like attending that Monday lecture, sometimes they are unavoidable. If you go over your allowance you’ll be paying over the odds in extra charges and if you’re way within your limits every month, then you could be paying too much for your phone plan! Luckily, O2 have got the perfect solution for you.

If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile then O2 has got you. O2 offer a customisable plan, putting the control back into your hands, just the way we like it! This is a completely flexible plan, allowing you to design a plan around what you need.

You can choose how much you’d like to pay upfront and spread the balance from as little as 3 to 36 months. Then, just pick your data usage and you’re ready to go.

O2 also allows you to change your data usage from month to month. So, if you had a month where you were going to use more data, then you simply adjust your plan to reflect! If only you could do the same for essay deadlines…

You can also handpick an Extra, completely free for 12 months. There is a range of Extras, including Amazon Prime Video, Audible and Calm.

How to save money on your phone plan

Student discount

Got a Unidays or Totum account? Then you’re in on the exclusive student discount offered at O2. If you don’t have one, then create one quick!

O2 offers a whopping 20% off calls, texts and data with their Airtime Plan. You can get this discount when you take out a phone, tablet or mobile broadband device on the O2 Refresh Plan. AND if O2 wasn’t enough of a dream they even offer 20% off selected accessories.

Has your contract ended? Don’t keep paying for your phone

Just like your uni deadlines, it can be hard to keep up with when your phone contract ends, you might even miss it altogether. But this little gem of info could save you money on a month to month basis. Most mobile contracts will cover the cost of the phone and service. But when your contract ends, your provider will likely keep billing you for the same amount each month, even though you would have paid for your phone!

If your contract has ended, then you can have an explore to get the best deal from your provider. You could choose to keep your phone and get a sim only contract which would save you lots a month. OR you could choose to upgrade your phone and take out another contract.

Pay As You Go

If you’d prefer to not be tied into a phone contract, then Pay As You Go may be the simplest way for you to pay for what you use and have peace of mind that you won’t come across any unexpected bills.

This is usually a better option if you’re a light user but if you can swing it, providers offer seriously good PAYG plans and deals. The flexibility and ability to budget may also appeal to you.

Use your existing phone’s value to get a new one

Have you got an old phone hanging around, collecting dust? With O2 Recycle, you can use your existing phone’s value to get a new one. Working or damaged, they’ll take it.

Go here to see how much you could get for your device.

Get expert advice from a Guru

Before going blindly into a phone contract, it may be a good idea to find out how much data you’ll need to cover your daily streaming and social media browsing. Once you know this, you’ll be able to get a contract that’ll cover all your usage, avoiding any extra charges.

O2’s Gurus can do just that. These tech experts can tell you how much data you’re likely going to need to cover all your usage needs.

Hunt out the deals

If you’re looking to reduce your phone plan costs, then hunting out deals will be a good place to start. Most networks will have a dedicated area for the deals they currently have on offer. But if you aren’t in a hurry then there are certain times in the year where you can pick up a real bargain like Black Friday and Boxing day.

Currently, O2 is offering a £200 saving on the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. And you can claim a Galaxy Watch Active, plus up to 12 months Disney+ for free! If that doesn’t take your fancy then they have lots more deals here.

Get a cap on your contract

If you’re the kind of person that finds a quick catch up can quickly turn into hours of gossip, and then you’re left wondering every month why your phone bill is higher than you thought, then this one’s for you.

Mobile networks will allow you to place a cap on your contract to restrict you from going over on your allowance. This way you’ll keep your budget on track.

If after reading this, you’re unsure whether you’re on the correct plan, then check out how to make sure you’re on the correct phone plan.