Saving on our energy bills is a top priority now. Despite colder days creeping in, many of us are still trying to resist turning on the central heating. But what happens when it comes to drying clothes? This is arguably one of the most annoying things to try to do when it’s cold. Wet clothes take ages to dry in damp and cold environments. They also have that wet dog, musty smell if damp for too long, which no amount of perfume or aftershave can cover. So then how do we dry laundry without using central heating? Well, there are a few ways…

1. Use sunlight

It might be freezing outside, but if you stand by the (closed) window it can feel summery. Ok that’s taking it too far, but sunlight amplified through glass – as in greenhouses – can provide a good amount of warmth. Try washing clothes first thing in the morning and placing them right in front of the window on a sunny day.

2. Buy a heated clothes airer

These are a great way of not having to rely on central heating for the home, but using electrical heating directly on clothes. You can buy them on Amazon or keep an eye on Aldi, which tends to sell out fast.

3.  Put them outside

Strategically placing clothes in a place where air circulates is a great way to get rid of moisture. If it’s not raining, put them outside, or try inside by an open window or airy place. Just don’t let too much cold in or your home will require heating up.

Dry clothes outside to avoid using heating
Source: Canva

4. Use a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are used to suck moisture out of an environment, usually to avoid places getting damp or mouldy. By placing one near wet clothes, it can help absorb moisture from them faster – speeding up the drying process. They’re one of the most underrated options when thinking how to dry laundry without using the heating.

5. Do an additional spin

To get rid of any excess water, put your washing machine on an extra spin afterwards. This will help reduce the overall time to dry and avoid putting the heating on.

6. Avoid fabric softener

This one might be a little strange, but skipping the softener is good to do in winter. Fabric softeners tend to coat clothes in their oily substance, which makes it harder for moisture to escape. They might smell great, but this way you’ll save on shopping and bills!

Here are some of our best tips when thinking how to dry laundry without using heating! We know times are tough so avoiding any unnecessary spending is critical right now. If you’ve got any other tips, let us know in the comments section!

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