Knowing how to impress your teacher or lecturer can be a great way to not only enhance your academic performance but also to build a positive relationship with them. A positive rapport with your lecturer can come in handy in many ways, such as getting good recommendations for future opportunities or receiving extra help in your studies. However, impressing your lecturer goes beyond just getting good grades. It involves demonstrating a genuine interest in the subject, being proactive in your learning, and showing respect for your lecturer and their work. So whether you want to boost your academic performance or seek mentorship, keep reading for tips on how to impress your teacher.

First impressions

how to impress your teacher

First impressions are not everything, however making a good first impression is a great first step to impressing your lecturer or teacher. The most important thing to do with a first impression is to be sincere, eager to learn, even funny or light-hearted (if you’re capable) and make sure the lecturer remembers your name. Otherwise for the first month they’ll constantly be struggling with the register and putting a name to the face. Engaging in discussions, debates and more not only gives a good impression but will likely enhance your learning as you’ll be more engaged too!


communication is a good way to impress lecturers

If you’ve failed to make a good impression – or any impression for that matter, here’s how to bounce back from being an unknown student. Firstly, if your teacher asks a question and you might know the answer, put your hand up. Even if you get the answer wrong a good teacher will always appreciate that you had the confidence to try. However, if you do get it right then you’re proving that you did pre-read those extracts or whatever you’re required to do. 


communication how to impress your teacher

I’m not saying you have to make a Facebook account and friend them (in fact, don’t do that!), but communication can help impress your teacher. Not too much, just at least email now and then regarding topics, assignments, grades and more when necessary. Again, this will make your interest and effort evident to your lecturer and they’ll go above and beyond to help someone who cares and goes out of their way to do their best in the subject. 

Communication is also important for you to get the most out of your time studying. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular topic, or want help with job or further education applications, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Independent learning

independent learning

As much as a teacher enjoys a curious student, independent learners are always more impressive. This includes the things that you choose to do outside of classes like reading those textbooks and the articles your teacher attached in that assignment. Or even engaging in further reading that wasn’t suggested. Literally anything and even small amounts, can contribute to showing your teacher that you’re a capable and self-reliant student. It will also help you out in the long run, giving you skills on independent working and learning. 

Punctuality and attendance

punctuality and attendance

These words get thrown around a lot in school assemblies but for a good reason. The simplest way for knowing how to impress your teacher is to show up to lectures, seminars or meetings on time. Also submit assignments on time if that wasn’t already clear. If you at least do this consistently you will be helping your reputation as student of the year. Take a look at some of the best time management apps for students to stay on track!

Teacher appreciation

teacher appreciation

This last part is all about those manners your parents and/or guardians taught you. When you’re speaking to your teacher, or writing an email, remember to be courteous, polite and professional. After all, you might be asking them for a reference one day to get a job. Try including kind regards at the end of an email before your name and student ID. This also makes teachers feel that their job is paving the way for the future. Your reassurance and gratitude will go a long way.

Why is knowing how to impress your teacher important?

how to impress teacher and lecturer

Lecturers in your subject area often have connections, the power to make recommendations, write referrals and even put you onto work experience and internships themselves. It’s also good to have access to opportunities with a department full of teachers supporting you, whatever career path you choose. It’s key to remember that they’re also assessing your work and teaching you what you need to know. So, if you make an effort to learn then they will make an effort to help you progress and succeed.