Are you off to uni this year? Confused about what phone plan you should be on? Going to uni could mean you are no longer on the best phone plan for your new needs and usage. Following some simple checks could save you a fortune in the long run. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the correct phone plan.

Make sure you’re on the right deal

There are two ways you could instantly identify if you’re currently on the wrong phone plan:

  1. Do you regularly find you’re not using up your allowance for calls texts and data? If so, then you could be on a cheaper plan with less allowance
  2. Do you find you’re regularly going over your phone plan and having to fork out loads for extra charges? Then you’re probably on a plan that doesn’t suit your usage requirements.

If you find that one of the two scenarios above is you, then you could be saving a fortune on your phone plan. How handy would it be if YOU could design the right plan to suit your needs? Well, now you can!

O2 offer customisable plans that puts the power back into your hands. You choose how much you’d like to pay upfront and then spread the balance from anywhere between 3 months to 36 months depending on how quickly you want to pay it off! Then, you can simply pick the data allowance you want. O2 even let you increase or decrease the data allowance you want from month to month… talk about being flexible!

If this wasn’t enough, O2 even let you handpick an Extra when you create your plan… completely on them. Their Extras include Amazon Prime Video, Audible and Calm (more on this below).

Pay-as-you-go or pay monthly?

You either have the option to pay for exactly what you use in minutes, texts and data through pay-as-you-go, or you pay a set fee which includes your set allowance on a monthly basis.

The best option for you will depend on what you use your phone for and how much you use it. If you don’t use your phone very often then it’s likely the pay-as-you-go option is the best as it’ll probably be cheaper. However, if you’re an avid user then you’ll likely find paying monthly will be a better option.

Is your mobile phone contract about to end?

If your mobile phone contract is about to end, then it could be a good time to switch providers or change your plan. The best first step would be to call your network operator and find out what your typical minutes/texts/data usage is. Once you’re armed with this information, you’ll be able to compare deals that best suit your needs. Check out some great perks offered by O2 for students below.

Make sure you’re on a student plan

You now have the greatest power of all… being a student! You’ll soon realize that you can get a discount for almost everything just because you’re a student. A phone plan is no exception to the rule, and you should make sure you’re taking full advantage of the perk!

O2 offer students an exclusive 20% off on their Airtime Plan when you pick up a phone, tablet or mobile broadband device on O2 Refresh. The Airtime Plan covers calls, texts and data. Plus, you can get 20% off on selected accessories. Pretty amazing isn’t it!

To get the O2 student discount online, you’ll need to sign up to Unidays or TOTUM to get your unique basket code. Once you have this, you can add it to your basket at checkout. If you’re purchasing in store then once you’ve bought your device or accessory, sign in to Unidays or TOTUM to get the store code and text this to 61202.

Check your coverage

Before committing to a phone plan you’ll want to check the coverage of the network in your area. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to hunt for signal and no one wants that. You can check this here.

Get the Extras

With many phone plans, you’ll find the network will offer added extras for FREE and who doesn’t love a freebie!

On selected O2 Refresh plans, you’ll get to handpick an Extra for up to 12 months, completely free! Whether you’re into binging box sets, into music or meditation or have loved ones overseas, there’s an Extra for everyone. Currently, they are offering Amazon Music, Prime Video, Audible, Cafeyn, MelodyVR, McAfee, Calm, International Bolt On (make international calls for 1p a minute) and Travel Inclusive Bolt On.

Avoid Unnecessary Charges

It’s important to get a grip on what your phone contract does and doesn’t allow you to do. For instance, if your allowance doesn’t cover you for international calls then you’ll be charged extra for making those calls.

To add, calling numbers that start with 09, 0871, 0872, 0873 and 118 incur extra charges so try to avoid these numbers if you can.

Check out the deals

A lot of networks will offer some great deals to attract customers. Have a search around and see if any of these deals would work for what you’re looking for.

There can also be extra benefits to some networks. For example, O2 offer Priority, which brings perks and experiences to everyone on O2.

Priority, through the app or online, is where you’ll find a mix of invite-only perks and experiences – you can even get notified of nearby perks when you’re out and about. Check them out here.

Are you a new international student in the UK? Check out our guide to getting a UK mobile as an international student.