Magaluf is certainly a holiday destination known for its party atmosphere and its popularity among students. The notorious Magaluf Strip, or Punta Ballena, is especially known for its clubs, bars and tattoo studios, and is an especially exciting and fun location to spend your nights out. Here are a few important things you may need to know before setting out on the strip.

Prepare before you get there


For your party vacation in Magaluf, be sure to prep and pack some essentials, such as: sun cream, contraception (if you know you might be in need of it), proper durable shoes, clothes for clubbing and themed club nights (such as White Parties), and, potentially, a health insurance card.

Book your hotel before you go


During popular holiday seasons, hotels along and around the strip will book up quickly, so booking before you go would be a wise choice. Also, be sure to browse previous customer reviews carefully, as some hotels and hostels have better feedback compared to others.

When in the clubs, watch your drinks carefully


This point is one which is very well applicable to any club experience overall, but when out on holiday it can be easy to forget that your drink could potentially be spiked. Sticking with your friends and having them watch your drink for you while you go to the bathroom or the bar would be a smart option, but at the end of the day, try to keep an eye on your own drink whenever you can.

And stick to your group of friends like glue


This is, again, something which can be applied to most club nights out – staying with your group of friends is the best option to ensure your nights out are enjoyable and safe rather than full of potential risk. The Magaluf strip is in no way a highly dangerous place for a night out, but, as with any place with a busy nightlife scene, the same risks are there for lone partygoers.

Try not to get a tattoo when you’re blackout drunk


There are many tattoo parlours on the strip, and they may seem like a tempting venture, especially if you’re a little tipsy and are feeling adventurous. This isn’t to say that tattoos are a bad idea generally, but when you are drunk, not only are you obviously walking around with a slightly cloudier than average ability to judge situations, but alcohol actually thins your blood, which is not ideal for getting a tattoo. This would mean that you would be likely to bleed more than normal when getting the tattoo, which would make it more difficult for the artist to see what they are inking on your body, and it would even possibly thin the tattoo ink. Basically, the tattoo may end up looking really awful, and not just because of the terrible idea you had for a design when intoxicated.

Be very careful not to step in vomit


Enough said, this point really doesn’t need much explaining. With all the partygoers on the strip, be careful not to ruin your outfit by inevitably treading in throw-up by accident.

Get the best out of the clubs – and have fun!


The Magaluf strip is mostly well-known for its iconic night life, and this is for a reason. The clubs there – such as the Stereo Bar and Tokio Joes, which are among some of the best reviewed – often keep the party going until morning, which is something that most UK clubs simply won’t do. Suffice to say, Magaluf clubs offer some unique experiences that would be very difficult to get anywhere else. So be safe, but have fun out there!