Are you looking to spruce up your love life in time for a COVID-free summer? Tinder may be the place to start: an easy, comfortable way of meeting that perfect someone. It may not feel natural at first, but through following this advice on the best ways to start up a conversation on Tinder, you might just be successful.


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Everyone has received a “hey, u alright?” before, but who has received a quirky GIF by way of introducing oneself? Instead of coming in with a boring opener, why not spice it up. This will most probably produce a light-hearted response and get the conversation rolling more naturally. In fact, data analysis by Tinder revealed that GIFs are 30% more likely to get a response, and the conversations last twice as long.

Posing interesting questions 

Pay an interest in what this person does for a living, where they live, what they enjoy. This tactic will show that you are actually invested and not just reaching out for one specific thing… It will also lengthen the conversation so that each person isn’t bored after a short amount of time.

Kick Start a Craving 

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According to Hinge, women are 40% more likely to respond to messages that get them craving something delicious, making food a great Tinder conversation topic. Get them chatting about their favourite foods, what their favourite meal is, even their favourite restaurant. People become a lot easier to understand when you know their favourite meals.

Mention Travel

The past year has meant everyone has had to stay indoors and resist the temptation just to get away. Engaging someone’s imagination and mentioning the possibilities of travel not only will get the person excited and enthuses, but it will also encourage them to consider the possibility of travel with you (after a few physical dates of course).


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Have a good look at her profile, see if anything stands out or interests you and pick up on that when you go in for your shot. Mention a hobby you both enjoy or the fact that you like the same heavy metal band as this person, for example. This will show you have been looking at information, not just the objective pictures.

Keep in mind age differences

A message that will make a 20-year-old girl smile may not have the same effect on a woman in her 30’s who is perhaps looking for something more concrete and serious. Be mindful when you are first introducing yourself.

Don’t lose hope

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Not every conversation starter will be a hit, and that’s okay! People want different things. If someone doesn’t reply to your first message, give it a little while and then maybe drop another casually. Don’t be desperate. According to a recent study conducted by Hinge, a second message boosts your odds of getting a response – especially if you send it around four hours later.

Message in the Evening 

According to data, most people go on dating apps between 5 pm and midnight. These are the golden hours where you are more likely to get a conversation going. In the day people are occupied and won’t be concentrated on replying quickly, so keep most of the contact to night-time.

Consistency is key

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Tinder conversations have a short shelf life, so if you are serious about keeping things moving, maybe ask the person on a date or try and get their phone number so you can call. There’s only so many GIF’s and one-liners you can send. At the start, asking questions can maintain the flow of conversation.

Be yourself!

Ultimately, you can say as many jokes as you like, but the relationship won’t last in the real world if you are not yourself. Be truthful to who you are, speak about what excites you. People who have unique interests and careers can be the most interesting individuals. Don’t be afraid to showcase your true personality.