So now you’ve graduated you’re looking for a job. What do you need for that? A killer CV of course! CV stands for curriculum vitae in Latin which translates into ‘course of life’. As your career progresses, your CV will be the one thing that tracks your professional record so it’s best to get it right. These top tips will get you into to know-how of writing a perfect CV for your first grad job.

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How to write a killer CV for your first grad job
Source: Lawyer Monthly

Tip One: Include details of your education

The most important section you should have on your CV is your education and the qualifications that you have received during your time at university. List the school or college as well as the university you attended, the type of qualification and the grades that you received. Most importantly, as a recent graduate, you should add any particularly relevant academic modules you have taken.

Tip Two: Include hobbies & interests to enhance your application

A section on hobbies and interests is relevant if you would like to enhance your application and if they are relevant to the job you’re applying for. The activities which back up your skills should be the most important. For example, sports, blogging, volunteering and travelling. Avoid generic terms when writing about these so you can stand out from other graduates which are applying for the same job as you.

Tip Three: tailor the CV to your job

How to write a killer CV for your first grad job

This tip is often overlooked but the most crucial. For each individual job vacancy, you should read the job description to see what particular skills and qualities they’re looking for. Try to rewrite your CV, shifting the emphasis when necessary to highlight these skills. Think about the industry you are targeting and make sure to include key skills and qualities relevant to it.

Tip Four: Include relevant work experience

This section should include your employment history, including the part-time jobs and volunteering you have taken part in during your time at university. This should be in reverse order. Each entry should include the name of the company you worked for, your job title, the dates you worked there and a brief list of the duties you performed. When describing the duties you performed, include keywords from the job description and use strong verbs. Although this section may be the shortest, it is vital for the employer to get to know more about you.

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Tip Five: have great presentation

Your CV needs to look good as well as sound good. The things that can turn off employers include poor formatting. Take advantage of simple but effective templates that may be online or use your own creativity. Remember to have fresh eyes look at it before you send it out so you can have a second opinion on it and maybe make it even better.

How to write a killer CV for your first grad job
Source: CV Plaza

Tip Six: create the extra factor

It may be difficult to stand out from other candidates but you just need to add a touch of personality. In an increasingly competitive job market, employers want more than just academic performance. High grades don’t always guarantee a job or even a job interview. Highlight work that you have done outside university, life experiences and extracurricular activities speak loudly about who you are as a person than just your academic performance. For example, list the programmes you have participated in, passion projects or sports & social activities that you are actively pursuing.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a killer CV for your first grad job. Alternatively, if you are altogether stuck for what to do after graduating from university, see our suggestions here.