Here we explore past students mistakes during freshers week and what you should try to avoid

“I was kicked out of halls after one night”

"I was kicked out of halls after one night"
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My very first night at University, i was extremely drunk after a few too many drinks. I went to bed and was woken in the early hours of the morning by a fire alarm going off in my halls. Being out of it i stupidly punched the fire alarm panel and dented it. Not thinking anything of it i went back to sleep and in the morning the hall manager gave me a telling off and evicted me from the building. I spent the next few months living with a vegetarian family who gave me a 10pm curfew and had a dog which woke me up at every hour!

Joining too many societies

Joining too many societies
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I didn’t put enough thought into the fresher’s fair and ended up getting overly excited and signing up for everything. This resulted in me clogging up my inbox and missing all the important freshers events!

My advise is to go by yourself so as not to get dragged along by impatient friends – you’ll really thank yourself later when everyone is shifting through thousands of messages from slug and lettuce appreciation society.

“I stabbed myself in the abdomen”

It was the morning of my first night at university and i wanted to show off some new clothes i had bought. The only problem was the shorts and belt were too big. The solution i came up with in my hungover state was to use a knife to put an extra hole in the belt. Problem solved right? Absolutely not, it went terribly wrong and i ended up stabbing myself an inch and a half through the abdomen. I sought help from my new housemates. Some i hadn’t even met yet. I remember their puzzled faces as i rushed in bleeding and needing medical help!

Only socialising on drugs and alcohol 

Only socialising on drugs and alcohol 
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There’s a culture of drinking at university that everyone is familiar with. It completely consumed my first year. It also effected my physical and mental health and i wish i had the courage to do my own thing and enjoy uni in my own way.

I caused flaming pork chops to rain onto the street 

I have cooking some banging pork chops on an oven grill in halls when i got distracted by an absolute sort. i closed the oven door and a few minutes later smoke started pouring out of the oven and fire alarms went off.

The hall warden yanked the window open and pulled the now-blackened chops from the grill and hurled it out the window and onto the street! I don’t think my new flatmates were very impressed but the absolute sort saw the funny side! I even bagged myself a date!

Last Updated on July 17, 2024