Written by Jessica Goddard

The new series of I’m a Celebrity is well under way, with the campmates having now been in the jungle for two weeks. With the first celebrity voted out of the show on Friday, let’s take a look back at the past seven days of trails, drama and quality television content courtesy of ITV. If you haven’t caught up on this week’s episodes, here’s all you need to know about the latest jungle activities.

im a celeb weekly roundup
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On Sunday, viewers were treated to the first live trial of the series. In a challenge inspired by one of the channel’s most popular reality shows, Love Island, the contestants were made to drink, eat and put their faces in an all manner of gruesome creepy crawlies in the name of winning a roast dinner. Most disgustingly, ex-footballer Ian Wright even had to guzzle down a concoction of pig’s penis, sadly still missing out on the roast dinner treat.

Having not taken part in the previous day’s trial, Nadine Coyle, Andy Whyment and Myles Stephenson set out to complete a scavenger hunt on Monday night’s viewing. This involved a tricky abseil, followed by a search for stars in order to win care packages for the rest of camp.

Then came chicken gate. After a measly meal of rice and beans for Ian, ex-Olympian and honorary Kardashian Caitliyn Jenner broke the rules and sneaked extra sweetcorn and chicken back into camp from their roast dinner feast for Ian to nibble on. However, there was no contraband food to be had for other hungry campmates Andy and Cliff. Although the other contestants denied this had happened, Andy saw through their lies and was not best pleased. Who knew a bit of sweetcorn could cause so much tension?

im a celeb weekly roundup
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The next day, the drama from chicken gate continued to sour the air in the I’m a Celebrity camp. However, there was no time to wallow in it as comedian Andrew Maxwell was sent out to complete yet another trial to win food for his teammates. The ‘Ark of Agony’ challenge saw Andrew collect 10 stars out of a possible 12 whilst encountering a strange selection of animals, including pigeons and camels. He also managed to keep up a rather impressive Australian accent throughout.

Despite success in the trial, drama wasn’t far away back in the camp. On Tuesday, viewers witnessed yet another Andrew vs Ian spat after Andrew decided to take a victory nap after his trial instead of helping out with the washing up.

James had his crown taken off him as camp leader when Caitlyn was voted as the heir to the throne on Wednesday night. Appointing Andy as her deputy (who saw that unlikely friendship coming?), the pair distributed new jobs to the campmates, including making Kate and Ian the new camp cooks. However, it seems she regretted her choice once she heard her new roommate’s snoring.

im a celeb weekly roundup
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The climax of the week’s activities and trials came on Thursday night with the introduction of the ‘cursed camp’. Each campmate was ‘cursed’ until they completed and won a series of mini trials, when they would then be ‘uncursed’ and immune from the vote off on Friday night.

Ian, Roman, Jacqueline and Nadine took part in the ‘sinister circus’, where Nadine and Roman won. Meanwhile, Caitlyn, Kate, Andrew and Andy took part in an Adams Family themed challenge where they had to keep their chins on a sensor at all times whilst being attacked by creepy crawlies, including huntsman spiders. Kate did not do so well in this one, with an all manner of noises coming from her end of the table.

The final campmates Adele, Myles, James and Cliff were buried alive in their battle to become ‘uncursed’, with Adele and Myles managing to get out of their graves in the fastest time.

At the end of the week, the public saw the blossoming friendship of Myles and Jacqueline, Roman’s amazing singing voice (is there anything he can’t do?) and probably the funniest trial the show has ever had. The winning campmates from the previous challenges had to endure a horrific hot tub experience to win their immunity from the vote off, involving an abundance of blood and guts making excellent viewing.

Sadly, Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts was the first campmate to be voted out by the public on Friday night after a series of emotional farewell speeches from the other contestants. Who will be the next to go? Stay tuned to find out.

im a celeb weekly roundup
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