Sixth form can be a stressful time, especially when it seems like all your friends are sorted, receiving millions of university offers and getting their whole careers set out. Well fear not, if you don’t feel like three more years of solid education is the path for you, then you might prefer a more hands-on experience along the road to receiving your qualification. If your daydreams consist of the glamour of a T.V career, then why not kickstart them by applying for an apprenticeship with ITV? By applying for an apprenticeship, you’re potentially opening yourself up to the opportunity of earning while you learn!

According to, ITV’s applications open in June every year, so if you’re in year 13 now and are dying to get the ball rolling in your dream career, keep your eyes peeled, and check the ITV Jobs page when June comes around. This gives you plenty of time to brush up on your interview skills and build up your CV before application time.

There is a range of different apprenticeships that you could apply for at ITV, depending on your fields of interest and strengths. describe the range of courses, including; ‘Business Services’, ‘Broadcasting’, ‘Online, Pay and Interactive’, ‘ITV Studios’, ‘ITV News’, ‘Newsroom Assistant’, ‘Junior Journalist’, ‘Team Assistant’ and ‘Talent Coordinator’. In an article on the ITV website, a former Junior Journalist apprentice, Cree-Summer Haughton, describes the course as intense, but rewarding. Haughton explains that while the course was challenging, there were also some amazing and unexpected opportunities along the way, such as working with celebrities!

To receive a place on the ITV Apprenticeship programme, you need to have lived in the European Economic area for at least three years and to not have completed a degree or similar level of qualification. Obviously, you also need to be very interested in the course you’re applying for, so you’ll be motivated to reach your goals.

ITV is rated 7.9/10 on, and is rated very highly with regards to enjoyment, feeling valued by the company, support, and development of skills. One review praises how ‘ITV really embraces and respects Apprentices’, recalling how helpful everyone at the company was.

So I hope we’ve potentially reassured you that there is a way to start achieving your dream career straight from A-levels. Instead of feeling the pressure of applying to university, why not put yourself out there and kickstart yourself with a career at ITV.

Last Updated on August 2, 2022