The perfect housemate is on top of their finances, keeps their nose out of your snacks and doesn’t mind mucking in with the washing up.

A study of 2,000 renters has revealed the top things they look for in their ideal housemate, including getting along with their friends, being a culinary whiz in the kitchen, and being generous enough to lend you a fiver when you are short on funds.

To stay in their good books, the perfect flatmate needs to pay their bills on time, keep the place looking clean and tidy, and keep the washing up from piling up on the side.

  • One in five thinks it is important their perfect housie has good music taste, and 27 per cent would like someone who is always there to talk to when they need a friend.
  • 23 per cent of renters believe they are lucky enough to have already met and lived with their perfect housemate.
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Carol Jiang, Global Managing Director for Badi, the leading app for finding the perfect roommate according to age, tastes and interests, said:

“Finding a new housemate has been a source of anxiety for renters looking to live with new people. But by matching with the perfect housemate who ticks all the boxes, you can easily have a harmonious household.”

Our research shows that, when it comes to the crunch, we are looking for people who share our interests and lifestyle.”

A more discerning 21 per cent would like their perfect housemate to bring little touches and decorations to the place to make it feel like home.

One in seven thinks a candidate puts themselves head and shoulders above the others by keeping the fridge stocked up with milk and other essentials.

Being friendly, easy-going and honest is the key personality traits renters look for in their ideal sharer.

34 per cent see organisational skills as a virtue, while three in 10 want to find someone who is tolerant enough to handle their own faults as someone to live with.

As for interests, the most appealing pastime renters look for in a housemate is a love of books, followed by a love of animals.

One in six can see the benefit of living with someone who knows their food, and one in eight want to find a film buff to share their enthusiasm for movies.

In fact, for three in 10 renters, the housemate match has been so strong they have started a romantic relationship with the person they were sharing with. And 44 per cent would consider someone they have lived with to be one of their best friends.

Unfortunately, the reality of renting and sharing a home with others has meant two in five renters have lived with someone they didn’t gel with. When asked to think about nightmare housemates past, one in five had lived with someone who raided food cupboards, which weren’t their own, and one in six have had to contend with a cohabitant inviting noisy guests around all the time.

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According to those surveyed by, women are easier to live with, with a third of renters preferring to live with females compared to 16 per cent who prefer to live with men.

Carol added:

“Our study shows that renters know what they want – but actually finding those perfect housemates is another matter entirely.

“And while it’s great to read one in four feel they have found their ideal housie match, three in four are making do with flatmates they don’t connect with, and that’s what we are here to help with. Whatever you are looking for, Badi helps you find a perfect housemate through its AI matches based on your personal profile. So whether you are looking for a film buff to share movie nights with, a fellow foodie, or a culture vulture to discover your city with, Badi will find the perfect match for you.”


1.      Pays bills without fuss or delay

2.     Does their share of chores

3.     Always does their washing up

4.     Takes the bins out without being asked

5.     Doesn’t hog the bathroom

6.     Doesn’t leave unwashed plates out on the side

7.     Gets along with your friends

8.     Keeps to their food cupboard

9.     Lets you know before having a house party

10.  Is always there for you if you need to talk

11.    Keeps to their shelf in the fridge/freezer

12.   Will make you a cuppa if they get to the kettle first in the morning

13.   Good music taste

14.   Brings little touches to make the place feel more like home

15.   They are generous

16.   Shares the remote

17.   Cooks dinner when you come home late from work

18.   Is rarely there

19.   Likes the same films as you

20. Stays out the way when you bring the other half/parents round


1.      David Attenborough

2.     Jennifer Lawrence

3.     Emma Watson

4.     Stephen Fry

5.     Kate Winslet

6.     Taylor Swift

7.     Adele

8.     Dwayne Johnson

9.     Gordon Ramsay

10.  Rihanna

Last Updated on July 18, 2024