Looking for a break from those endless lectures, assignments, and the chill of your dorm room? Before you and your mates head home for Christmas, why not plan one last outing with the gang?

As winter creeps in, imagine diving into a world drenched in vibrant lights, where your favourite childhood tales come alive. Welcome, my friends, to the Longleat Festival of Light.

What to expect at Longleat Festival of Light

Get ready to explore the UK’s original and biggest lantern scene as it returns to Longleat this November.

Think Roald Dahl stories are just for kids? Think again. Dive into the wondrous worlds inspired by his incredible tales. From the mischief in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to the clever antics of the Fantastic Mr Fox, there’s nostalgia around every corner. You’ll be reliving those treasured tales you thought you left back home with those clothes that weren’t cool enough for uni.

Gawk at the impressive 5-metre BFG – certainly a sight more captivating than your lecture slides. Wander beneath Wonka’s famous factory gates – but, even in this adulting phase, try not to mimic Augustus Gloop’s infamous chocolate river dive! Get caught up in the surrealism of James’ Giant Peach, let George’s Marvellous Medicine remind you of simpler times, and for nostalgia’s sake, ensure you spot Matilda and Miss Honey, giving a nod to those rebellious spirits within us all.

As the winter sun sets, soak up the sights of hundreds of lanterns, set in over 30 acres of land. This exciting lantern festival will give you the ultimate throwback to those key moments in Roald Dahl’s stories.

Don’t forget to say hello to some of Longleat’s animals during your trip! Especially since Longleat is one of the few places in the UK you can catch a glimpse of so many animals, including koala bears! 

longleat festival of light
Source: Instagram @longleatofficial

When is Longleat Festival of Light?

Located throughout the park, Longleat transforms itself into a magical journey that’s not to be missed. If you’re looking for some festive fun, you can catch The Wondrous Worlds of Roald Dahl between the 11th of November and 7th January 2024.

How to get tickets for Longleat Festival of Light

Tickets are available via the Longleat website, where you can choose a variety of options and even book you and your mates on the much loved Santa train. Grab a selfie with Santa himself for your Insta and discover his woodland winter grotto.

Essential tips before you go

Make sure you dress for the occasion, including comfy shoes and something to keep you warm. With the vast expanse of Longleat waiting, from the Longleat Hedge Maze to the Winter Safari Drive, you’ll want to explore every corner – and you don’t wanna be complaining about blisters half way round.

Looking for some festive fun with your BFFs? The Festival of Light will certainly deliver. This breath-taking illuminated world is reasonably priced and the perfect attraction to explore with your mates before the Christmas break.