Meet Catering Company Owner Joe Garratt


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Joe is sure to be the designated chief in the villa, being the owner of a catering company! Joe states he’s a joker, carefree and an old romantic.

“I don’t take life too seriously,” he said. “I’m chilled out and I’m quite laid back. It could be a positive or a negative that I don’t take things too seriously all the time but in a relationship that’s quite hard… Some girls don’t like that! Sometimes I joke around too much.”

“I’ve always said that love is a super powerful thing,” he said. “If I genuinely feel that connection, the chance for love, then I’ll go leaps and bounds to get that. For me, I’ll do whatever. I’m a guy’s guy, I’ve got loads of guy mates and I haven’t snaked any of my mates out.

“At the same time if I felt a connection with somebody that was so strong and I was to not go for it, just because a guy was talking to her or seeing her, especially in the villa, I wouldn’t be being true to myself. “

What is Joe’s type on paper?

Joe surprising doesn’t go for anything specific: “For me, it’s just more how we click, if she is fun, outgoing and doesn’t take herself too seriously and is open to talk about things,” he said. “I’m looking for a connection, obviously initial attraction is key but the connection is the main go-to.”


Aged: 22

From: South London

Job: Catering Company Owner

Instagram: @josephgarratt