Meet Boxer Tommy Fury

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Tommy’s claim to fame is he’s former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s younger brother but he’s keen to make a name for himself and we’re sure he’ll do that on Love Island.

“I’m my own man and I’ve said it throughout my whole boxing career,” he said. “I don’t want to be labelled as his little brother, I’m my own man and I’m doing the best that I can do in life and that’s all I’m setting out to achieve. “

He isn’t afraid to go splashing in the pool and plans to mingle with everyone. He wants to find love, as well as a bromance.

“I’ll be living with these people for a long time so it’ll be nice to see if I have a bromance in there, along with a relationship. It’s nice to be a bit standout-ish,”

What is Tommy’s type?

His celeb crush is Ariana Grande but he’s looking for someone sporty, blonde and a good tan … so pretty much the opposite of Ariana.

“I want to end up with a girl where I look at her every morning and think ‘You are gorgeous, I’m so lucky,’” he said.

“If a thousand girls walked past, I don’t want to look at one of them. I probably won’t settle down until I find that.”



Aged: 20

From: Manchester

Job: Boxer

Instagram: @tommytntfury