The University of Exeter, a prestigious institution in the United Kingdom, is set to launch a groundbreaking Magic and Occult Science Master’s Degree. This course, starting in September 2024, stands as one of the first of its kind in the UK. It offers a unique academic exploration into the realms of magic, witchcraft, and their influence on both Western and Eastern societies.

What do you study in the Magic and Occult Science Master’s Degree?

Magic and Occult Science Master's Degree

The MA course is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of magic and occult practices. The curriculum includes modules that cover a wide range of topics:

  • Dragons in Western Literature and Art: This module delves into the portrayal of dragons in Western culture, exploring their symbolic significance in literature and art.
  • The Legend of King Arthur: Students will explore the historical and cultural impact of the King Arthur legend, examining its origins and evolution.
  • Palaeography and Archaeological Theory: These modules offer insights into ancient manuscripts and archaeological practices, crucial for understanding historical contexts.
  • Islamic Thought: This segment focuses on the influence of Islamic philosophy and its interplay with occult sciences.
  • Depiction of Women in the Middle Ages: An in-depth look at the roles and representations of women in medieval society, particularly in the context of magic and witchcraft.

The course’s faculty comprises experts from various fields, including history, literature, philosophy, archaeology, sociology, psychology, drama, and religion. Their diverse expertise ensures a rich, interdisciplinary learning experience for students. Find more about what’s taught on the University of Exeter course subject page.

What are the entry requirements for the Magic and Occult Science Master’s degree?

You’ll need a 2.2 Honours degree that is primarily a humanities or social science background. If you don’t have this kind of degree, you might be able to still apply if you have relevant work experience.

The significance of magic and occult studies in contemporary society

Professor Emily Selove, the course leader, emphasises the relevance of this course in addressing critical societal issues. The course explores themes such as decolonisation, alternative epistemologies, feminism, and anti-racism, making it highly pertinent to contemporary discussions.

The MA in Magic and Occult Science encourages students to re-examine prevailing notions about rationalism and science in the West versus perceptions of magic and superstition in other parts of the world. This critical analysis fosters a more nuanced understanding of global cultural dynamics.

Overall the Magic and Occult Science Master’s Degree at the University of Exeter is designed to both address modern societal questions while challenging conventional perspectives at the same time.

What job or career can you have with a Magic and Occult Science Master’s Degree?

careers with a magic and occult science master's degree

Graduates of this Magic and Occult Science Master’s Degree can look forward to diverse career opportunities. Potential paths include:

  • Teaching and academic research: Leveraging their specialised knowledge in magic and occult studies.
  • Counselling and mentoring: Utilising the psychological and sociological aspects of the course.
  • Heritage and museum work: Contributing to the preservation and interpretation of historical artefacts and narratives.
  • Library, tourism, and arts organisations: Engaging in roles that require a deep understanding of cultural history and mythology.
  • Publishing industry: Offering expertise in niche areas of literature and history.

The University of Exeter’s MA in Magic and Occult Science represents a pioneering step in academic studies. It not only broadens the scope of historical and cultural understanding but also addresses vital contemporary issues through its unique curriculum. This course is poised to attract a diverse group of students eager to explore the intricate connections between magic, society, and science.

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