We’ve all been OBSESSED with Season 6 of Married at First Sight Australia. From affairs to cyclones, the show has been full of brilliant drama, surprising us at every turn. But since it was filmed in 2019, a lot of our faves from the show no longer look like they did on our TVs… So what do they look like? Here’s the Married at First Sight cast then vs now!

Tamara and Dan

Whilst Dan still looks pretty much the same, with his stubble and brooding facial expressions, Tamara Joy has revealed that she has had a nose job, breast enhancement, lip fillers and botox. With or without the surgeries, she looks great!

Susie and Billy

Billy seems to have bulked up a bit since the show, and his hair has gotten lighter. Might be that Australian sun. Susie has found love and seems to look a lot more natural and relaxed alongside her new beau.

Ines and Bronson

Bronson hasn’t changed much since the show, just looking a little slimmer around the face. Whereas Ines has had jaw reconstruction, botox, lip fillers, laser surgery to remove the tattoos on her shoulder, and is waiting for a nose job.

Michael and Martha

Michael’s makeover began on the show, with make-up obsessed Martha starting as she meant to go on. Since then, she has helped him find his feet in fashion, and he has shaved his head recently for charity. Martha’s hair has changed, but aside from that she is still the same girl from MAFS.

Elizabeth and Sam

Following Shady Sam’s comments about Elizabeth’s weight, she has lost 2 stone in the last couple of years. She has also ditched her blonde extensions and intense makeup for a more subtle, brunette glamour. Meanwhile, Same has lost the shaggy hair and is now repping a bald look.

Matthew and Lauren

Matthew made himself known by sleeping with Lauren and then claiming to not be attracted to her. Since the show, Lauren has lost a little weight and is now rocking a glorious ginger style. On the other hand, Matthew seems to have gained some confidence, muscle and facial hair! They grow up so fast…

Mark and Ning

Since the show, Mark has grown out his beard, and his new woman seems to love it. Ning has gotten rid of her side fringe in exchange for a more sleek look. However, most importantly, Ning is now a grandmother… at 35! Glam gran, that’s for sure.

Hedi and Mike

This couple have changed the least, it seems. Heidi still has her huge head of gorgeous curls, and Mike still has that salt and pepper beard.

Jessika and Mick

Jessika still looks pretty similar to when she was on the show, with just a few changes to make up styles. Mick has cut his hair short and is enjoying life by the sea!

Melissa and Dino

Melissa and Dino have both changed a lot since the show. Melissa’s hair has got lighter, and she’s gotten a little slimmer around the face by the looks of it. Her partner on the show, Dino, has gone all out with a big beard and shaggy hair.

Cam and Jules

Cam and Jules have stayed together, and they’ve grown as a couple, into a family! Cameron has grown out a beard, and Jules had kept her iconic strawberry blonde hair. We can’t wait to see what colour baby Oliver’s hair will be!

Nic and Cyrell

Since the show, Nic has changed… well, not at all, really. On the other hand, Cyrell has scored herself some lush blonde balayage, plus a Love Island star and a baby!