The pressure to look good has never been more expensive. Spending on beauty may have risen in recent years but it may shock you how much people are spending on average in these top cities, which has been revealed thanks to data from Totally Money.


It is the people of Leeds who come out on top in terms of their beauty spending, splashing £916 per year on face products alone. Getting your hair done will set you back around £478 annually and teeth whitening might break the bank at £1,031. This along, with other beauty luxuries, totals a shocking £6,994 yearly spend in the Yorkshire city.


Revealed: The UK cities spending the most on beauty products

London was not far behind in second place with an average yearly spend of a (still) eye-watering £6,336. Were those spa treatments really worth the £702 price tag?

Manchester and Birmingham

Fifth-placed Manchester and sixth-placed Birmingham only had a £263 difference between them.

Bradford, Wakefield  and Kingston upon Hull

Bradford, in ninth place, Wakefield in tenth place and Kingston upon Hull in 11th all had an average yearly spend of £5,194.


Revealed: The UK cities spending the most on beauty products

Stoke-on-Trent averages just under the 5,000 mark as it secures 13th place.


Cardiff, in 18th place had a yearly spend of around £4,298, with face products being the biggest out-going at £542.


Liverpool has a staggering 2,144 clothing shops to choose from. The temptation, which must literally be on every corner, does not stop them from coming a more respectable 19th place and an average yearly spend of £4,091.

Leicester, Nottingham and Derby 

Leicester, in 21st place, Nottingham in 22nd place and Derby in 23rd place all had an average yearly spend of £3,696.


Revealed: The UK cities spending the most on beauty products

Plymouth, in 27th place had the fewest number of beauty outlets, with only ten nail bars.


Wolverhampton, which was the 29th highest city for beauty spending, actually has the highest number of weight loss clinics.


Right down the leader board was Aberdeen in 30th place. A £2,710 yearly spend sounds a lot better. But the people in this city were spending, on average, £20 a year on nails. Not sure how realistic that is.

So, there you have it: UK cities spending the most on beauty products. These stats might make you think twice about getting that pedicure.

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