Sunday 14th February 2021, it is Valentine’s Day! It’s definitely a day, us singletons look forward to the most! Isn’t it great to watch all your friends upload the cutest couple pictures captioned #goals, whilst eating sweets labelled “be mine”! All the beautiful gifts are decorating the stores, the adorable cards sit on the stands, reading ‘I love you’ in 100 different shades of red. Isn’t it just lovely?

I wish I had a Valentine’s; I wouldn’t let him frown for even a minute, and the best part is I’d get to enjoy my favourite chocolates, but of course I would offer him some (or maybe one). It seems as though having a ‘bae’ to spend the day with would make it feel extra special, right?

Regardless, whether single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day should be celebrated by all! Spread love, even if it’s to yourself! So, grab that heart-shaped chocolate box and dive right in because we’re about to tell you some amazing ways you can spend your Valentine’s Day this year. Let’s make it extra special!

Baking time!

Credit: Delish

Valentine’s Day is all about love! Who says love can only be spread towards a partner? You can spend it with your family, friends and of course yourself! You could spend your day baking Valentine’s themed goodies. What’s not to like about having the house filled with the sweet aroma of vanilla and then devouring a yummy dish (definitely the cherry on top). You could even drop a few treats off to your loved ones, be unique and spread some kindness instead! Make some pet-friendly cupcakes and treat your dog/cat.

You can’t sit with us!

Facetime a friend
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What qualities do you look for within a potential partner? I consider trust, honesty and respect, with the utmost importance. Dwelling on the fact that you’re single is pointless because if you look around you, there are already people who genuinely love you. Someone special makes me think of my best friend. Facetime all of your best friends and make sure you’re there for each other, that’s what I call true love! Most importantly, make sure you make each other smile extra hard these valentines.

Me to me gifts!

Pretty present
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It shouldn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship to be able to treat yourself with something special on Valentine’s Day. You deserve it, practising self-love is vital, especially on Valentine’s! Remember, it’s the thought that counts (even if it’s a ‘me-to-me’ gift). I’m going to win my own heart this year and indulge on some of my favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolates; maybe you could do the same? Don’t forget to act surprised when you see your ‘me to me’ gift! Alternatively, you could make a difference this Valentine’s Day. There are various causes you could contribute to, including the Kisan (farmers) protests in India! Remember, if you do good for others, it will always come back to you. Care for those around you and spread some love!


Have a movie night
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Pick an extra cheesy movie for tonight and grab some yummy snacks. Who doesn’t love some unrealistic, dramatic romance? Not a fan? You could try watching a rom-com. Netflix have some super sweet films, which we know you would enjoy!

Time to relax!

Candles in the shape of a heart
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Take out the face masks, nail polish and cosy robes. Throw a bath bomb in some warm water and light up your favourite Jo Malone candle.  Listen to some music, I would recommend Hannah Montana, although it might not fit into the relaxing vibe. Do something to alleviate from your stressful everyday routine. Take Mr Honcho’s advice, “Tranquillity, yeah, is all I need” and put those cool cucumber slices on your eyes!

We like to drink…

Love potion cocktails
Credit: Ocean Spray

It’s time to make your own love potion and fall in love with yourself. Don’t forget that you are perfect the way you are. Alcohol doesn’t solve your problems, but it’s worth a shot! As 50 cent says, ‘Go shawty, we gonna party like it’s Valentine’s day, make your favourite drink and maybe you can have a little party at home’. Be responsible, but a few piña coladas wouldn’t hurt. Try making some new cocktails and spend your day relaxing, you deserve it. Some favourite valentine’s day drinks include the Love potion Vodka cocktail and the Kentucky kiss!

Love yourself!

The best ways for singletons to celebrate Valentines Day
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Last but not least, make sure you give yourself a big hug and appreciate yourself. Eat some extra chocolates and make sure you enjoy your day, even if you’re single like me! As this may be your last Valentines’ day alone, so make sure you give yourself as much love as you can, you may have to share it next year! Happy Valentine’s day singletons!