However, with gyms closed, for now, it’s proving to be difficult to motivate yourself to continue doing your regular routine. That doesn’t mean you can’t do quick exercises from the comfort of your home. Taking daily walks or riding your bike may be a lovely way to stretch your legs, but there are also fun exercise apps you can try out without getting cold and wet outside. This is my top ten selection of the best exercise apps to get you through lockdown.

1. 7 Minutes

7 Minutes best exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Google Play

This app by far, must be one of the best workout applications. If you’re the type of person to often forget about your exercise routine or you’re not a big fan of exercise in general, this is the perfect app for you. 7 minutes is a quick and easy application to use, only taking 7 minutes of your day to form a quick cardio work out which will keep your heart rate up and healthy. 7 minutes is a great start for anyone who slowly wants to work on their health without jumping into huge routines.

2. Stretching Exercises at Home – Flexibility Training

stretching exercises at home - flexibility training
Source: Google Play

This app is perfect for taking a break or winding down after being at your laptop and doing coursework all day. Available on both android and apple, this application takes you through multiple stretch exercises for you to reduce the muscle tension that is spent from hours of sitting at a screen. Only taking a maximum of 30 minutes of your day, this app will slowly lead you to a healthier lifestyle, which you might continue to incorporate post lockdown!

3. Tone it Up

Tone it up exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Gregg Dodds

Tone It Up not only provides you with a personalised routine to help you achieve your lockdown goal, but also simple recipes for you to work on your diet at the same time. Choose from live exercise classes and 10-40-minute videos ready on demand, with accountability to achieve your true goal. Not only can you choose the right work out videos for your level, but you can also connect with a community with the same goal as you!

4. Exercise Timer

exercise timer exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Google Play

The exercise timer is a helpful exercise app that helps to keep you accountable for your custom workouts. You can add as many workout and intervals as you like, making it easy for you to make a workout routine which would be best for you. You can use it as a stopwatch timer or just a timer for your plank! This app allows you to take working out into your own hands, so you have full control of your routine! The pace of your routine is entirely up to you. This app is recommended for those who already know what they would like out of their exercise regime.

5. Gymondo

Gymondo exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Steemhunt

If you are looking for a serious exercise app that will pinpoint your needs and requirements during lockdown, Gymondo is the one for you. Germany’s best online fitness app, Gymondo has been providing a variety of exercise classes ranging from yoga to full cardo to Pilates. There are over 250 workout programmes, accessible to all members, as well as more than 800 recipes that are flexible to fit your lifestyle. Gymondo helps to keep your exercise fun and consistent during lockdown.


Sweat exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Google Play

Ranging from $0.33/day to $0.66/day, the SWEAT app is the perfect fitness app for all women. With well-known fitness trainers to help you achieve your goal, SWEAT promotes a healthy and motivational exercise regime for all women to get to the body they want. You can do your workout with or without equipment, it’s all up to you. There are also multiple recipes available on the app for you to match the correct diet with the correct exercise routine to achieve your desired goal. SWEAT makes exercise easy and clear with achievable goals in sight.

7. Freeletics

Freeletics exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Freeletics

Freeletics is for those who want to continue training hard during lockdown even though gyms are closed. Providing intense workouts and training plans, Freeletics hold you accountable for all your different routines and shows you the route to success. Freeletics provides their own specialist equipment, trialled by professionals which will guarantee to help you on your journey. On top of this, they have their own supplements that you can buy in order to keep up with your muscle build. Freeletics provides you with the tools you need to reach that next level or simply keep pursuing during and after lockdown.

8. Jillian Michaels Fitness App

Jillian Michaels exercise apps for lockdown
Source: PCMag UK

Made by the American fitness trainer herself, the Jillian Michaels Fitness App provides quality fitness regimes for all level types. This app brings together the world’s leading fitness trainers and creates workout plans designed specifically for you. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your pocket! You can start your own custom plan and depending on your long-term plan, these plans can last 30, 60 or 90 days.

9. Centr by Chris Hemsworth

Centr exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Centr

We should all know by now that Chris Hemsworth has a very intense workout plan, especially when preparing for movies, so when he came out with this new fitness app, it caught the attention of many. This app isn’t just for those who are used to intense work out routines, but also absolute beginners, those who want to have a body like Chris Hemsworth, or those who just want to watch Chris Hemsworth lead a workout. Bringing together world class trainers, this app provides 6-week programs that require little to no equipment, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on the gym! You can modify your training level to whatever suits you and gradually begin to progress.

10. Peloton

peloton exercise apps for lockdown
Source: Peloton

Lastly, we have Peloton. If you haven’t heard of the Peloton bikes, there’s no need to worry! There is more to Peloton than just their bikes. If you can afford it, I recommend buying an exercise bike from Peloton for training at home. You can stream their workout videos on demand as well as pick and choose which workout you’d like to try for the day. With the Peloton app, it is simple and easy to understand with their sleek design. You can access live classes or ones on demand, from your phone to tablet to TV! There are training programmes and challenges to help you reach your goal. If you decide to trial this app, you will get a reminder 7 days before it ends. And don’t worry if you decide Peloton isn’t for you anymore, you can cancel anytime!

Remember, this lockdown doesn’t have to be as bad as the other two. You can still find ways of entertaining yourself and keeping healthy at home. Exercise can be fun as well as challenging, so what are you waiting for? Use one of these apps to compete with a friend and challenge each other to reach a certain goal. Don’t give up on that summer body!