In case you missed it, Lil Nas X recently dropped a bop, and it has been everywhere. In part because of the iconic – or blasphemous – music video that he dropped with it. He has explained that it is reclaiming the ‘go to hell’ dialogue thrown at him for being homosexual, which has angered a lot of religious people. Twitter, however, have found it hilarious.

1. It really is a beautiful, heartfelt song.

2. Some people are seeing some smashing similarities with other famous things

3. If Ben Shapiro thought WAP was bad… he’s got another thing coming

4. This is, well, SPOT ON.

5. We honestly think Satan has upgraded if he’s going to date Lil Nas X – that man is good looking!

6. We will never not be impressed with Lil Nas X’s ability to move in those heels

7. It’s called character GROWTH BBY

9. He’s coming for you boy!


Ahh I loved the video though it’s everything! 💅🏾 @lilnasx #montero #fyp #lilnasx

♬ original sound – Christopher Colarusso

10. And finally, the meme we love most is from him.

Honestly, the song slaps, and we understand where Lil Nas X is coming from, regardless of how he portrays his journey. Especially when it produces some on point memes.