Throughout the pandemic, staycations became hugely popular. And they’ve continued to be so since. It’s no wonder, given the UK is home to some of the best staycation destinations, which can also make a holiday cheaper. Just think…epic road trips and no need for endless waiting at airport security, having to separate liquids and cram what you want into tiny backpacks. But once you’ve decided on a destination, the next step is to figure out what you need to take with you. That’s why we’ve curated this handy guide on the most important things to pack for a staycation to help you out! It’s full of those little things you just might forget…but will certainly notice if you do!

1. Rain jacket and umbrella

staycation what to pack essential items to take

Even though the weather has been relatively sunny since the lockdown restrictions have started to ease, we all know that the UK can be very unpredictable. Therefore, it is recommended that you pack a rain jacket and an umbrella to protect you from any pesky showers. However, it doesn’t have to just be practical; rain jackets and umbrellas can be stylish and colourful too.

2. Portable charger

portable phone charger

It is always inconvenient when devices such as smartphones run out of charge, especially when you want to be able to use them to take photos of your adventures or look at a map of an unfamiliar area when you are lost. It is recommended that you carry a portable charger with you in case there’s a moment where your battery is running low.

3. Picnicware

essentials you need to pack for a picnic and staycation

It is guaranteed that whilst you are on a staycation, you’re going to be eating lunch on-the-go. And that’s why having what you need to sit down and have a picnic is key. It’s also a great way to spend time in parks, countryside, beaches or wherever you’re planning to spend your staycations. Find out more about the picnic essentials you need to pack for a staycation here.

4. Sun cream

what to pack for a staycation
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It is important to be prepared for the hot weather that you are hoping for, and protecting your skin from the sun should be a priority when you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Therefore, making sure that you have a good supply of sun cream is essential for your staycation. You could even go the extra mile and bring a variety of fashionable sun hats and sunglasses.

5. Toothpaste

what to pack for a staycation - toothpaste

Most people remember toothbrushes, but not all remember toothpaste! Yet, it’s one of the most important essential items to pack for a staycation if you ask us! If you’re staying somewhere with shops close by you can always pop out to get some. But if you’re going more off-grid, or getting there late, you’ll need to pack toothpaste too! Brushing your teeth with sand, water or anything else is not going to give you the fresh breath you need on holiday (and every other day for that matter).

6. Swimming costume

what to pack for a staycation

This doesn’t only apply if you are going somewhere with a beach. You’d be surprised how many places in the UK you can go wild swimming, or even a pool at your accommodation? Our point is, even if you don’t think you’re on track for a summery beach staycation, take swimming stuff anyway…just in case.

7. Antihistamines

what to pack for a staycation
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Since nearly half of people in the UK suffer from hayfever or related-symptoms, it is guaranteed that someone will need an antihistamine at some point during your staycation. It is worth taking a packet and carrying them with you just in case. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve got the flu the minute you pass a field, or someone’s recently-mowed garden.

8. Travel sickness tablets

what to pack for a staycation
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And it’s not just hayfever you need to watch out for. 1 in 3 people suffer from motion sickness, which includes travel sickness. Therefore, to avoid any uncomfortable situations in the long car journey to your destination, it is recommended that anyone who suffers from travel sickness is prepared. Taking the tablets two hours before setting off on your journey should prevent any nausea, and be sure to take them with you for the way back as well.

9. Party games

what to pack for a staycation
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On days where you aren’t out partying, or want to spend the evening by the beach, lake, country etc. it’s a good idea to have a some light entertainment. Card games like poker, cards against humanity or whatever you fancy can work well and they’re easy to carry around. You could also take board games to your hotel or airbnb too for more fun.

The UK has some great staycations, but it’s essential you have the essentials. Our list of important things to pack and take with you on your staycation outlines the items everyone needs. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about space either.

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