Everybody has experienced that last minute scramble as the 31st of October creeps closer. You think you have plenty of time to plan your outfit, but suddenly it’s the night before and you have nothing to wear. You might already have everything you need for an epic Halloween costume, or you might need to buy a few last minute costume items to really stand out. Either way, here are some ideas for DIY costumes so you can start thinking about your outfit.

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY this year

Just because Halloween is nearly here, it doesn’t mean you have to sink your student loan into a Halloween costume.

So whether you’re looking for a Barbie costume you can makeshift at home, or you’re thinking of going as Captain Underpants, buckle up, as here are the best DIY Halloween costumes you can make ahead of this Halloween night.

Black Cat

This one is a classic – you’ll no doubt see a black cat at every Halloween party you go to. That’s because it’s easy and it’s also flattering. Who doesn’t look good in an all-black outfit? All you need is your favourite black dress and an eyeliner pencil to give yourself some stylish whiskers.

Angels and Devils

Another Halloween favourite, you just need to decide if you want to be naughty or nice. Of course, angels will be dressed in white, while devils will take the red look. You can buy fluffy halos or devil horns for very cheap in any Halloween costume store. You’ll also find this classic Halloween headgear in almost any supermarket. Yes, maybe it’s a bit basic, but at least you won’t struggle to find what you need!

Squid Game

Since Squid Game was released in 2021, it’s been a hit at Halloween parties. Spending Halloween in a comfy tracksuit and white trainers seems like a dream. You can decide if you want to stick a number onto the back of your hoodie, or you could just go without.

Mean Girls Plastic

Since Mean Girls day falls on October 3rd, why not stretch out the plastic festivities into Halloween? All you need for this one is pink – lots of pink. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday or not.

Hogwarts Student

Many of us have an old shirt lying around from secondary school or college. If it still fits, all you need is to buy a cheap tie for whatever house you choose. Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin? Pretty much everyone will recognise this costume.


For a glamorous Halloween look, you could pair your favourite dress with a cheap pair of costume fairy wings. You could go all-out with your makeup too: glitter, colourful eyeliner, rhinestones. Make yourself sparkle and stand out.

Scooby Doo

If you and your friends want to do matching costumes, why not put together this beloved crew of meddling kids? Your costumes don’t need to be exact, they just need to match the colours that the characters wear. Brown for Scooby, green for Shaggy, blue for Fred, orange for Velma and purple for Daphne.

Men (or Women) in Black

For this one, all you need is a crisp black suit. You might have one lying around from prom or a similar event, so why not dust it off and put it to use?

Dead Person

This one sounds a little vague, but that’s what makes it the perfect last minute costume. You can essentially wear whatever you like, just throw around some fake blood and you’re ready for the spooky season.

Denim Ken

Transform yourself into Demin Ken this Halloween. All you need is a demin vest, some light blue jeans, white briefs and a pin bandana. Easy, huh?

Spooky Ghost

Now, this has to be easiest DIY Halloween costume out there. Simply grab a white sheet, make some eye holes and you’re good to go.

So, that’s a wrap for our picks of the The best DIY Halloween costumes. Checkout the best makeup ideas to polish up your look.  OR get more inspiration from some of the world’s most famous goths, including TV and movie characters and rock stars.

Last Updated on March 21, 2024