Halloween is a special season for the UK and people, particular students love to get into the spirit. That’s why we have put together a list of the best face paint ideas for Halloween to get you ready for 2019.

  1. The pumpkin face paint looks pretty scary and your friends will be totally impressed if you can get it to look like this!

2. The Catrina face make-up looks pretty tricky but it will definitely WOW your friends.

3. The devil. It will take some real talent to recreate this and you may need to list the help of some friends. But It will be so worth it, it’s unbelievably scary!

4. Edward Scissor hands – See how Abby Roberts creates a bomb face paint of Edward Scissor Hands.



5. American Horror story. Again this look is created by the talented Abby Roberts. Her page is filled with amazing ideas and a step by step on how to create the look.



6. If your thinking of dressing up as an alien then this is the perfect face to go with your alien outfit. It will require a bit of perfecting though… Luckily for you Ruby has created a step by step video to aid you.



7. The zipper Halloween make-up was very popular last year. Will it be just as popular this year? We’ll have to wait and see..

8. This look is created by Ruby and features a zombie who has been infected


9. This again is created by Ruby and is a great look for Halloween


10. Teletubby horror created by Abby Roberts. This is pretty freaky