This article is dedicated to the best and most famous Greta Thunberg memes, which we all seem to scroll past daily. The Swedish activist is known for witty comebacks at the likes of Trump and Andrew Tate, so she’s definitely one for clever humour. So we thought we’d celebrate with some of the best Greta Thunberg memes around.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

who is greta thunberf
Source: Instagram

Greta Thunberg is an 18-year-old climate activist from Sweden. She is well-known for spreading awareness on several matters, which is essential to bring about the change needed in this world. She participated in the U.N. Climate Action Summit in September 2019 and has been nominated for several prizes and awards. I salute her for all her wisdom and everything she is trying to achieve for future generations.

Her speeches are heart-warming and incredibly important. We wouldn’t be shocked if Greta were to win a Nobel Prize in the future (she was nominated in 2019). She is an inspiration to so many of us. There’s a lot we can all learn from her – including her sense of humour.

The best Greta Thunberg memes

1. We all scream for Ice-cream

Credit: Twitter

This one will be all of us this summer, haha! Inflation pfft… I’ll never look at an ice cream van with a straight face ever again. It’s the dramatic facial expressions for me.

2. How Dare You!

Greta Thunberg - how dare you
Credit: 2Oceansvibe

I think we’ve all felt like this recently with Covid. How dare you! Another lockdown? How dare you! The death of my non-existent social life!? Okay fine, you got me! The best Greta Thunberg memes are just unbeatable.

3. If looks could kill

trump - best Greta Thunberg memes
Credit: The Guardian

It’s one of the best Greta Thunberg memes, because the facial expressions that make her memes extra funny. This is a visual representation of the phrase ‘if looks could kill’. The passionate yet angry look had me in tears.

4. You’ll Re-Greta-It

re-greta-it best Greta Thunberg memes
Credit: Pinterest

Save the planet, or you’ll re-greta-it! Haha, this meme is significantly important, but there’s something a little bit funny about the message. Let me know if you greta it!

5. Who’s the scientist?

best Greta Thunberg memes
Credit: Twitter

This is one of the best Greta Thunberg memes as it speaks for itself. I’ll leave it to your imagination. Who’s the child? I guess we’ll never know! Greta Thunberg memes lighten my mood any day; they’re so different and always hit the spot. I hope they made you laugh and don’t forget to save the planet! Every little helps; after all, we don’t want to re-greta it!

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