Music is great for many things, including motivation, relaxation, releasing tension and cheering up! That’s why it’s a great tool for getting you through difficult studying periods. If you’re feeling stressed from exams and need to unwind, or need that extra energy to finish an assignment – we’ve got you covered. From golden classics to recent hits, here’s the best playlist to listen to while studying!

1. Whatever it Takes – Imagine Dragons

Released in 2017, just the title alone is enough to show why this song is needed for studying. The track is apparently an ode to Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds’ ambition – so hopefully it might inspire you too!

2. This is What I Mean – Stormzy

The title track to Stormzy’s third studio album, This is What I Mean is all about trying to do something good and right – according to the rapper. The going with the flow, being creative, and expressing yourself is important when it comes to times of stress, which is why this song features on our best playlist for studying.

3. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

You’ve probably all belted this one out at some student night or another. It’s – as the title clearly states – about not giving up and believing in yourself. The perfect song for when you’re starting to feel deflated or need a boost!

4. Lose Yourself – Eminem

We had to throw in a curveball – this might be it! It’s from the film 8 Mile, starring Eminem himself, and about a wannabe-rapper. However, losing yourself in the moment, giving into it, seizing opportunities, and giving everything are all well-needed messages during this time.

5. Survivor – Destiny’s Child


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The hit song from Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle was a powerful feel strong, motivational song back in 2001! Over two decades later, it’s still as good as ever. So turn the volume on and internalise the can-do attitude.

6. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

You might not have ever paid attention to the lyrics of this song, but it’s super appropriate for studying.  “Work it, Make it, Do it, Makes Us” are the opening lyrics, which is enough to set the tone. It’s not necessarily one to chill out too, but it’s definitely a great track to feel pumped.

7. Work ft. Drake – Rhianna

Do any of the best playlists for studying or working forget this one? We’re not sure how many times Rhianna sings the word “work” in the song, but it’s definitely a lot. There’s no doubt what this song is about.

8. Career Opportunities – The Clash

The Clash are otherwise known for hits such as “Should I Stay or Should I go”, “London Calling” and “Rock the Casbah”. This song is all about refusing jobs that aren’t right, which hopefully will give you the motivation to study and get the ones you do want!

9. Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

We selected this song so you could sing about how you’re feeling. It’s often therapeutic to acknowledge when you’re stressed, rather than hiding it. So thanks Twenty One Pilots for giving us this track dedicated to feeling stressed out! The song is all about transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, and the feeling of responsibility. Relate much?

10. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

You just can’t not sing along to this classic from the late 70’s. “Don’t Stop Me Now” is all about having a good time and not letting anyone interfere. It’s the perfect track to get back to your happy place and just release some feel good energy. No wonder it’s on our best playlist for studying.

11. Heartbeats – José González

Rather than the lyrics, it’s the smooth melody that makes this song great to listen to while studying. The Swedish singer has a deep voice that’s relaxing, while the song sings about steady movement of heartbeats. Rhythmic and enchanting, a great tune to unwind with.

12. Hard Work – Ella Henderson

Ok Ella Henderson is actually singing about a person being hard work, rather than…work. However, it’s still great to hear things like “When I’m losing all my energy, you’re like my only working remedy”. Above all – it’s a song about hard work that’s worth it. We think that qualifies the song being on the best playlist for studying, do you?

13. Work from Home – Fifth Harmony


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Before Camilla Cabello went solo with “Havana”, so sang in Fifth Harmony. This is one the girl group’s most well-known and is just a great one to sing along to. It’s great for when you just want to relax or distract yourself with a break, ready to get back to studying once refreshed.

14. Remember the Name – Fort Minor

“It’s ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentration, five percent pleasure, five percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember my name”. 

Not that we need to elaborate further, but this song is one the most inspirational and get-your-butt-in-gear tracks. It’s about making something of yourself- which is what all this studying is for.

15. Dream On – Aerosmith

You could choose between the remixed version with Eminem “Sing for the Moment”, or go straight to the original. The voice of Steven Tyler is great to escape with, and the song is all about well…singing for the moment. It can be daunting thinking about the future of assignments, exams, graduation, jobs etc. So this track will bring you back to now.

16. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

When you’re really feeling under it all, just get this on repeat. It’s cheesy – but meant to be. And the message is ultimately about not letting things get you down. It doesn’t mean studying isn’t hard, but loosening up and getting rid of the negativity is important.

17. Feelin’ Good – Muse

This song has been covered multiple times, but Muse frontman’s Matt Bellamy sings it perfectly. It’s all about feelin’ good (you don’t say), which is what we need from time-to-time.

18. Titanium ft Sia – David Guetta

Another great track to listen to when you’ve lost a bit of motivation or confidence. Let those bullets ricochet off you, consider yourself bulletproof or made from titanium! Ok we’ve got carried away – but hopefully you will too with this belter.

19. Final Countdown – Europe

You can see the finish line, but you need an extra push. The iconic song is the ultimate track to reaching those deadlines, it simply couldn’t be missed from our best playlist for studying. Just make sure you’re in a clear space when you’re jumping up and down to it – no accidentally throwing laptops out the window like a rockstar please!

20. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Another clear classic for studying – feel unbeatable and defiant with Survivor’s track. Otherwise known as the Rocky theme tune. We’re well aware it might make you want to throw a few air punches – just do it in good distance from any flat mates, furniture or tech.

21. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – thanks Kelly, you’re right! That’s more of the fighting spirit we need to pass the exams and come out of it all stronger. The “dreaming in colour” lyric was incorporated by Clarkson herself, and attests to the spirit of having ambition!

22. It’s My Life/Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi


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We couldn’t decide between these two so now you have a bonus track on this best playlist for studying. The two songs are karaoke classics so you’ll be singing along for sure. Feel inspired by lyrics like “It’s my life, and it’s now or never” and “Oh, we’re halfway there”!

So there’s our best playlist for studying. Music is diverse and so are everyone’s preferences, but we hope you’ve found some good songs to get you through here! Let us know in the comments some other great tunes to listen to while you study.

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