Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re struggling to decide on a present, we’ve got some suggestions for the best Valentine’s gifts to get your partner. For anyone who’s a little tight financially, check out our under £10 gifts or DIY gifts. 

Something thoughtful

If your partner is an emotional person that would appreciate something gooey and romantic, then check out these gifts.

Personalised Jewellery 

best valentine's day gifts
Source: Bloom Boutique

Personalised jewellery is a great gift for anyone who loves to accessorize but also loves you. You can get your anniversary engraved, or your name, or even just get a nice necklace with their birthstone in. Plus, there are some really inexpensive options!

Personalised Ornament

gifts for valentine's day
Source: Getting Personal

You can get your partner a personalised ornament or painting for their room or flat. This could be a canvas painting of the two of you (you can find artists online on sites like Reddit and Fiverr!), or something more unique like a wine box.

A homemade gift

homemade valentine's gifts
Source: Pinterest

If you really want to show you care, hours (or minutes) of effort mean the world. Check out our DIY presents.

Something tasty

Everyone loves a good tasty snack. So you can always rely on the food world to provide great gifts.

A home-cooked dinner, wine and dine date

date night valentine's gift
Source: Women’s Health Mags

If you’re living together, set up the table, cook your partners favourite meal, and treat them right! Candles, music, and most of all, good company. You can even get dressed up for it!

A snack box

snack box valentine's gifts
Source: Funky Hampers

Collect all of your partner’s favourite snacks, or maybe their childhood favourites if you want to be even cuter, and put them together in a gift box. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, after all!

A takeaway

best valetine's day gifts
Source: Pershore Patty

If you and your partner have been eating clean recently, take Valentine’s off! Buy yourselves your favourite, naughtiest takeaway. Or, if you can’t spend time together at the moment, send their favourite to them!

Couple’s gifts

For any couples that love doing things together, then maybe a couple’s gift is for you!


best valentine's day gifts
Source: Date Night Guide

You could buy a video game to play together, even if you’re apart! Or a board game to play if you are able to see one another this Valentine’s. In fact, there are games made for bringing couples closer together, like Our Moments.

Spa day

best valentine's day gifts
Source: Foreo

Whilst you can’t actually go to a spa right now, you could buy both of you some face masks, fancy teas, massage kits, etc. Spend the day relaxing together, or over Zoom. We definitely all deserve it right now.

Something you know they need

best valentine's gifts to give to your partner
Source: Certus Recruitment Group

Realistically, it is highly likely that your partner has mentioned at least 1 thing that they’d like or need in the last couple of weeks. Even if it was just in passing. Turn that ‘I could really do with new gym shoes’ into, well, new gym shoes! Not only does it fulfil their needs, save them money, but it shows that you really do listen to them.

Something to look forward to

Whilst the world isn’t exactly normal at the moment, eventually, it will be. Give your partner something to look forward to by buying them a Red Letter Days voucher, or a Virgin Experience. Or, make your own voucher for ‘1 weekend away’, or ‘1 fully paid night out’. Then they’ve got something certain to look forward to, and they won’t have to try and find somewhere to put the giant teddy bear.

Or, alternatively, you can never go wrong with a giant teddy bear.