Not only is being vegetarian cheaper (meat is expensive!), it’s also better for you and the environment. Even if you’re not ready to go all the way and commit, why not give some of our best vegetarian student recipes a try? Who know’s, you might even like it.

1. Quesadillas

Source: Unsplash

Quesadillas are an amazing 10 minute meal. Like a cheese toastie but with way less bread and way more beans, there’s so many fillings to use and varieties to try. Our favourites are with corn, onion, black beans and, of course, cheese. Eat with guacamole or sour cream and enjoy!

Here are some recipes to check out:

2. Ramen

Source: BBC Good Food

Start with your favourite instant noodle packet (preferably spicy or sesame flavoured) and add whatever vegetables you have lying around. Pak choi, broccoli and spring onions go particularly well. If you’re feeling fancy, add a poached egg!

3. Pesto pasta

Are you even a university student if haven’t made this one? Cook your pasta, add pesto, cheese if you want. Salt and pepper. You’re done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

4. Fajitas

Source: BBC Good Food

Another classic for the vegetarians, this is always a winner. Meat-lovers won’t even notice it’s veggie! Fry up onions, peppers and garlic in a pan, add your seasonings, throw it in a wrap with some cheese and greens and you’re done! Not only is it fast and easy, it’ll also let you use up the wraps from the quesadillas!

5. Cheese toastie

Nothing hits the spot like a cheese toastie. Butter your pan and add your slices of bread, raw or fried onions (depending on your preferences), cheese, tomatoes, basil and flip. A great dinner after a night out or as a quick study snack between lectures!

6. Risotto

Source: All Recipes

Although it sounds ridiculously difficult, risotto is way easier than you think. The only thing it’s hard on in your arm–all that stirring gives some great muscle definition. After browning the risotto rice in some olive oil, add a glass of wine (and while you have it out, you might as well have a glass too), wait for that to completely absorb then begin adding vegetable stock in 1/4 cup increments. Stir regularly and thoroughly. Once almost done, add mushrooms (cooked in a separate pan with butter), cheese and enjoy!

7. Baked potato

Opposite to the risotto, this one requires basically no work. Stab your potato with a fork a few times, coat in oil, throw it in the oven and forget it’s there. Check it at the 45 minute mark, depending the size of your potato. Enjoy with cheese, baked beans, onions and whatever else your heart desires. If you’re bored of white potatoes, give sweet potatoes a try!

8. Fried rice

This one works best with leftover rice stored in the fridge. Scramble your egg then save it for later. Add ginger, garlic and scallions to your hot pan along with some oil. Then add your choice of vegetable, this recipe calls for mushrooms but carrots, broccoli and pak choi also work, just remember to cut them small enough to cook. Once they’re almost done, add back your egg with rice and peas. Stir in your desired amount of soy sauce and enjoy! Top tip: to give a lovely aromatic flavour to your fried rice, cook in sesame oil.

9. Burger

Just cause you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean you don’t want a burger every once in a while. If you like meat substitutes, there are some great ones out there. If not, there are many other choices but be warned, they have a tendency to fall apart. Fan of mushrooms? Use the head of a portobello mushroom as a burger substitute. Top with cheese, burger sauce, onions, salad and tomatoes.

10. DIY Salad

Although they’re great for you, they get a bad reputation. But there are ways to make your salads even more filling. For one: cheese. Crumbly ones like feta or goats cheese work fabulous on salads. Next, fruit/vegetables: tomato, pomegranate, cucumber, mango, peach, plum, etc. Don’t forget a good lettuce base to ground you. For those a fan of peppery flavours, throw in some rocket alongside butter, iceberg or gem lettuce. For an easy dressing, mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and honey. Drizzle over and enjoy!

11. Veggie Chilli

Source: Jamie Oliver

There’s nothing like a warm meal after a day of studying and this one is sure to satisfy. There’s a lot of options out there but this Jamie Oliver one has got some great ideas. If you’re feeling lazy or don’t have all the spices, get a spice pack! Top tip: make this in bulk and freeze whatever you don’t eat. It’ll come in handy when you don’t want to do all that cooking again!

Not in the mood for a whole meal? Check out our ranking of the best vegan snacks! There you go! Which of these do you think are the best vegetarian recipes for students? Given any a try? Let us know in the comments below.