We all need to eat, that’s unnegotiable. But food can cost quite a bit of money depending on what you eat and where you eat it, such as how eating out is usually more expensive. But here are some great ways to get free food.

1. Go out on your birthday


Frankie & Bennies

Sign up to Frankie & Bennies rewards to be sent a voucher for a free main meal on your birthday!! However it has to be used with the purchase of another meal, so it’s a good idea to go with a friend. What better way to celebrate your birthday with a free meal!


Sign up to Zizi’s mailing list to get a free main course when two people order a full-priced main course. You’ll need to get your friends involved with this one!

Las Iguanas

If you sign up to the Las Iguanas newsletter you can get a free meal when you order another meal, meaning if you and your bestie go out your meal is free!

Beefeater Grill

Beefeater Grill rewards give you a free main course when two people order full-priced main courses!


Sign up to Barburrito’s loyalty card scheme to get a free burrito.

Krispy Kreme

Sign up to Krispy Kreme rewards for a free doughnut on your birthday, yes completely free!

Millies Cookie

If you sign up to Millies Cookies you can get a free cookie on your birthday by using the voucher they send you.


If you download the Greggs Reward App you can get a free doughnut, cream cake or cupcake as an extra sweet gift.

Ms Cupcake

We all love cupcakes, and if you go into Ms Cupcake on your birthday you can have one for free. All you have to do is show them some ID to prove its really your birthday.

Brewers Fayre

If you join the Brewers Fayre loyalty scheme you will get a free meal on your birthday when another meal is also bought. To use the offer they will email you a voucher.

2. Sign up for Loyalty Rewards

papa johns vegan breakfast pizza

Papa Johns

You can also get free food as a reward from regularly eating at the same place. Papa Johns has a grand reward scheme, where you earn 1 point for every £4 you spend on non-cash orders, 8 points could get you a free side, 12 points could get you a free chicken side or dessert, and 25 points will get you a free large pizza!


If you download the ‘Colonel’s Club’ app, you can get a free KFC side, a portion of fries, or ice-cream sundae just for downloading the app.

3. Sign up to Newsletters

hotel chocolat

Ed’s Easy Diner

If you sign up to Eds Club you’ll receive a voucher for a free burger or hot dog worth £5.99 – £9.99 when you buy any drink, which is a pretty good deal.

Krispy Kreme

You could also sign up to Krispy Kreme’s newsletter and get a free glazed doughnut from any store or Tesco’s with a Krispy Kreme cabinet.

Hotel Chocolat

For another sweet treat, you can sign up to Hotel Chocolat’s VIPMe rewards scheme, as they give away some of their chocolates as well as an extra gift on birthdays. Plus if you go into their stores, they often have free samples available too. Signing up will also get you 20% off any drinks or ices.

4. Cashback Websites and Apps

piggy bank


Signing up to TopCashBack is a little bit like using a discount code but in reverse. The website has offers for hundreds of different stores so is definitely worth having a look at.


Signing up with Shopmium will give you access to a huge variety of online and in-store offers, including a lot of supermarkets.


If you download the CheckOutSmart app you will get access to a range of offers on all your favourite brands and supermarkets. Then by uploading a copy of your receipt you will also receive cashback.

5. Become Mystery Diner

meal out

Being a mystery diner could easily be described as many as their dream job, who wouldn’t want to eat free food at a variety of restaurants? All you would have to do in return is write about your experience, everything from the staff and service, to food and drinks. This is a great way to save money as you’ll be eating for free, so although you won’t be getting paid you can put the money you would have spent on food in savings, treat yourself, or spend on something else.

6. Takeaway Apps


Just Eat

Signing up to Just Eat is an easy way to order your takeaway, but downloading the app is even better as you can use it to find tasty discounts and great offers near you.


Deliveroo is another great app to use to get your takeaway, and they also have some special offers just for students, such as money off your first order.

Uber Eats

If you fancy a late-night snack Uber Eats is the app for you, as unlike other Takeaway apps they deliver until the early morning.

7. Work at a restaurant/café


If you work in the food industry you will usually get a discount where you work, and the discount usually increases if you order food on your break, some places even give their employees free food (within reason). Some of the best places to work for are large chains, as they usually have more flexibility with discounts and freebies, such as McDonald’s, Wetherspoons, or Green King Pubs.

8. Free samples

free samples


We all love free samples, they are a great way to try a product without having to purchase it. Many supermarkets offer free samples, such as Sainsbury’s and Asda when they have new products they want people to try. Sainsbury’s also have free samples on their website, which you can add to your basket if you are doing an online shop.

Hotel Chocolat

Some high street stores also offer free samples, such as Hotel Chocolat who regularly have a selection of chocolates on their store counters for customers to try.


If you’re able to get into costco (usually need a membership) then you’ll find they give out free food, usually at the weekends for you to try. They can range from full size sandwiches to small tasters!