We all know, and love, a good McDonald’s cheat night. Whether you’re a 20 nuggets kinda person, or one of everything off of the saver menu – or maybe you’ll behave and stick to a Chicken Select meal. Either way, the only bad part about McDonald’s is having to pay for it. So here are the best ways to get free or cheap McDonald’s!

1. Double up

free McDonalds
Source: Evoke Creative

On the self serve kiosks, you can add most of the salad and sauces for free, or for a very low price. So make that saver menu burger into something from the Gourmet Burger Company!

2. Make it an ‘Appy Meal

free McDonald's
Source: McDonald’s

Get it? Happy meal?

Okay fine.. But seriously, downloading the McDonald’s app could save you sweet coins on your weekly treat. They have regular deals like free coffees, cheap breakfasts, and random other freebies that you’d otherwise be missing out on. We’re lovin’ it.

3. Make the most of your student status

free mcdonalds
Source: 10 ways

Students are eligible to get a free saver Cheeseburger, Chicken Mayo or McFlurry when you buy a meal. So get some extra grub next time you’re in, all you need is a valid student card, or a student discount app.

4. Collect the stickers

free mcdonalds
Source: BBC

The hot drinks at McDonald’s come with a sticker card and stickers, so make sure that each time you buy one, you fill up your card! When you get to 6, you’ll get a free drink. Double this up by collecting the points on your app too for two free drinks!

5. Minesweeping: McDonald’s Edition

free mcdonald's
Source: Manchestere Evening News

If you have ever made the awful – and risky – decision to ‘minesweep’, then try it out in McDonald’s. But we don’t mean food. That’s gross. Go around and collect any receipts, coffee stickers, vouchers, etc. All receipts at McDonald’s have the opportunity for you to provide feedback and get a Big Mac and Fries for £1.99.

6. Hot fries only, please

Free McDonald's
Source: Eat This Not That

If you hate hate hate the cold fries you sometimes wind up with if you’ve clambered into a McDonald’s a little too late, then order yours without salt. The chefs will have to make a new batch, so you know they’ll be lovely and hot!

7. No more McChickens

free McDonalds
Source: McDonalds

A McChicken Sandwich is divine, yes. Crispy chicken, delicious sauce, lettuce and perfectly soft bread… but if you fancy one, consider this: a Mayo Chicken. A fraction of the price, and the same, just smaller. You could get multiple Mayo Chickens and still spend less than you would on a McChicken Sandwich.

8. Select a different choice

free Mcdonalds
Source: McDonalds

If you’re a Chicken Select fan, consider ordering a completely plain wrap of the day. It’s £1.99 and you’ll get 2 crispy selects and plain tortilla!

9. IKEA style Big Mac

free mcdonalds
Source: Taste

Step 1. Order a Double Cheeseburger, and add lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard, mayo. And voila. That’s pretty much a Big Mac, for a fraction of the price.

10. Swap out for sugar-free

free mcdonalds
Source: VIX

Some soft drinks get taxed at a higher rate due to their sugar content (think full-fat coke, for example). To avoid having to splash out on these, opt for other drinks!

11. Give ice the cold shoulder

free Mcdonalds
Source: Birmingham Mail

Ice comes automatically in McDonald’s drinks, unless you specify that you’d like it without. If you get rid of the ice, you get around 20% more drink for your money.

12. Top up your toppings

free mcdonalds
Source: Mashed

Did you know you can ask for extra toppings on McFlurries? And it’s only 20p more? We’ll be doing this whenever the ice-cream machine isn’t “broken”.