NatWest does a study every year to produce a set of statistics known as the Student Living index. One of the things it assesses is how much studying people do. Based on a sample size of 2850 people, here are the geekiest cities!

25. Belfast

Students studying in Belfast only put in an average of 27.7 hours of studying at home each month. That’s basically just accepting defeat.

24. Newcastle

We’re unsurprised that Newcastle students don’t study all that much, what with being in the top 60 universities having the most sex, and the top 25 hardest partiers. Amongst all of the extra-curriculars, 33.6 hours sounds about right.

23. Liverpool and Swansea

Liverpool is 3 of the top 50 universities having the most sex, and Swansea is the 8th hardest party city, so really they’re just both too busy to be studying more than 38.7 hours a month.

22. Edinburgh

As one of the hardest partiers, and a city with so much to offer, we really can’t even to pretend be shocked that Edinburgh is on 22nd on this list, with a monthly studying average of 39 hours.

21. Leeds

2nd hardest partiers, with a decent student income, and an average pint price of £3.50, Leeds students have got their priorities in order. Meaning they only study 39.1 hours a month.

20. Aberdeen and Nottingham

If you’re wondering why Aberdeen and Nottingham students don’t study as much as other universities, it might have something to do with £3.20 pints in Nottingham, or Aberdeen being the 6th hardest partying city in the UK. Regardless, something’s making them only study for 39.8 hours a month.

19. Sheffield

Getting a bit better now, Sheffield students study a whole 40.3 hours a month. We bet that’s mostly Uni of though, Hallam has a party reputation to uphold!

18. Glasgow

With lots of Potter fans, Glasgow has lots of butterbeer to drink, but still manages to get a decent amount of work done, with a monthly average of 40.4 hours.

17. Manchester

Manchester students study an average of 40.5 hours a month. If you’re surprised that Manchester aren’t studying more, then clearly you don’t know that the city is one or our hardest partying cities, and that Manchester Met students are busy with their 6.65 sexual partners. We’re kind of impressed.

16. Canterbury and Portsmouth

We get why Portsmouth is in the middle of this list, they’re clearly too busy partying and getting busy. But we can’t figure out why Canterbury students are only studying 41.3 hours a month. Maybe they’re too busy… praying? Who knows.

15. Birmingham

The Brummies have plenty of stuff to do outside of the classroom, but they’re still getting a solid amount of work done, with an average of 41.8 hours of work a month!

14. Brighton

We’re impressed that students living somewhere as party-inclined and pretty as Brighton have time to do 42.3 hours of studying a month. We don’t think we’d ever leave the beach.

13. London

If we were living in London with the extortionate student rents and pint costs, we’d spend as much time in our flat working as we could. So we’re not too surprised that London is on the higher end of this list with a whole 42.5 hours of studying a month.

12. Poole

A mix of the art students and other students, students living in Poole are doing a reasonable amount of work, with 44.4 hours a month. To be fair, there doesn’t seem to be much else to do.

11. Cardiff

Hardcore partiers, Cardiff students are doing alright at balancing work and fun by the looks of it. They may well be the 9th best party city, but they’re still fitting in 45.2 hours of studying a month. Impressive.

10. Exeter

Just like Cardiff, Exeter has mastered the art of going out and getting grades! They’ve got an average of 45.9 hours studying each month and yet are still 15th on our partying list.

9. Leicester

With 2 pretty good universities in the city, it’s not entirely surprising that the students n Leicester are putting in some effort. Especially when there isn’t a huge amount of clubbing or partying to do. We all love Mosh, but going every night isn’t worth it… and so Leicester students have found the time to fit in 46.9 hours of studying each month.

8. Durham

With a literal reputation for being boring, we’re just surprised that Durham isn’t higher on this list. They have an average of 47.7 hours of studying each month.

7. Bristol

One of the kinkiest universities that is having the most sex, we’re amazed that Bristolians are finding time between that and partying to get in a whole 49.7 hours of studying each month… Share the secret?

6. Southampton

With a relatively good university in the city, we’re unsurprised by Southampton coming 6th. We guess that Uni of is balancing out Solent’s hours, coming to an average of 51.3 a month.

5. Plymouth

If we lived in a city with pints at £3.10, we definitely would not be getting 51.9 hours of work done each month. Our hats go off to you students in Plymouth.

4. Norwich

53.7 is an average average, for an average city, with average students… Okay, we’re joking. Norwich students don’t earn a lot, so no wonder they’re stuck indoors studying. Sad times.

3. Oxford

It’s not a shock to anyone that Oxford is in the top 3 for geeks. You’ve basically got to be a little geeky to get in, and if you’re studying at Oxford Brookes there’s the constant need to prove yourself to the Oxford students, hence the average of 54.9 hours a month.

2. York

York students are clearly too busy to do anything else, which explains their low ranking on our partying and sex lists. Clearly, they’ve got their priorities sorted. We hope their 56.4 hours a month does them well.

1. Cambridge

Unsurprisingly, Cambridge students are getting stuck into their degrees (and we would too if we’d had to work that hard to get in), with a massive 59 hours of study each month.