If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ll likely know that quite a few of the UK influencers have taken work trips abroad to Dubai during lockdown. These trips are being debated online, with some people arguing that they’re not essential and selfish, and the influencers arguing that they’re work-related, and therefore, necessary.

But who are these plane-hopping influencers?

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor

Former Love Island stars who ended up with other people on the show, the two have been over in Dubai since November. They announced their relationship whilst over there, and only came back in late December. Whilst not escaping during this lockdown, the couple did return to Tier 4 and then went for Nando’s…

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury

Also in December, Molly-Mae and Tommy went to Dubai and spent time with their friends Maura and Chris. The couple came back just before Christmas. They were slated online for sharing snaps of them with their masks down to drink whilst on the plane. Molly-Mae posted about their trip, saying:

“In response to the messages I’m already getting about us being away throughout this time…. Please understand that Tommy and I left the UK from Cheshire which was in Tier 2 at the time. We didn’t break any rules coming away. If we knew these rules where going to be put in place then obviously we would never have left the UK… The minute we arrive home we will be following the government guidelines.” 

Gabby Allen and Brandon Myers

The former Love Island star and her partner flew over to Dubai in December, explaining at the beginning of the year that Brandon’s business is based there and that they’ll be remaining there for the ‘foreseeable’.

Chloe Ferry

The reality star travelled to Dubai in December with two Geordie Shaw friends, Bethan Kershaw and Sophie Kasaei. She has posted pictures of a luxury penthouse suite that the three girls were staying in. The three girls have received a lot of backlash, but maintain that they were out there for photoshoots and work. Now, she’s back home and starring in Celebs Go Dating. 

Georgia Harrison

After getting annoyed at people lumping her in with other influencers who had travelled to Dubai for a break (work-related or otherwise), Georgia Harrison has been responding to all the hate by reminding people that she has rented out her UK home, sold her car, and is actually living in the UAE.

Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone, TOWIE star, has been causing a fuss in a whole new way. He’s been accused pf pretending to be back home in the UK, when actually him and his family had gone over to Dubai. Both he and his partner were sharing photos of Mario’s daughter, and their usual routines – supposedly failing to mention they were in a different country.

Laura Anderson

Shooting into the headlines earlier this year, Laura Anderson has been defending her trip to Dubai by saying that being an influencer is ‘really hard’. She went on to explain that:

“The reality for me coming here prior to lockdown just as an FYI was so I could still earn money because I ain’t a millionaire 🙈 I live alone in Glasgow with no family or friends close enough that are allowed to travel to me.”