Everyone enjoys a drink, whether it’s a cool beer or an adventurous cocktail, but how much money do students really spend on alcohol each month and are you more likely to spend more or less depending on what city you live in?

According to the Natwest student living index, the national average that UK students spend on alcohol each month is £29, but many cities spend much more than the average. But this may have something to do with the average cost of a pint. Here are the ten cities which spend the most on alcohol each month!

10. Brighton/Nottingham

Despite being in joint last place, students in Brighton and Nottingham still manage spend more than the national average on alcohol, as each month students spend an average of £30 on booze.

Students from Nottingham pay an average of £3.20 for a pint, whereas those in Brighton are paying an average of £4.12. That’s nearly a £1 difference each time, meaning students in Nottingham are definitely getting more bang for their buck.

9. Glasgow/Norwich

Next up is Glasgow and Norwich, where despite being in different countries have students spending an average of £31 each month solely on alcohol.

With similar prices for a pint it’s not surprising that students are spending a similar amount each month. However with Glasgow’s impressive nightlife scene, students there are sure to be getting a more varied experience.

8. Durham/Edinburgh

In eighth place is Durham and Edinburgh where students spend £32 on alcohol each month.

But despite being at the bottom of this list, students in Durham still spend more than the national average each month.

Sharing eight

7. Liverpool/Cardiff/Poole

Students in Liverpool, Cardiff, and Poole can all share seventh place for the city that spends the most on alcohol, as students across all three cities spend an average of £33 on booze each month.

Whilst Liverpool fantastic range of bars and clubs, it appears that it’s students are wise enough to trade booze for memories. As they spend almost an additional £40 each month on going out and socialising.

Despite being a capital city, students in Cardiff are not one of the highest spenders on alcohol. But with the average cost of two cinema tickets being just £8, I’m sure many people are making the most of these low prices and watching films instead of watching the back of peoples heads as you queue for clubs.

Poole may not be as spoilt for choice for drinking establishments as Liverpool and Cardiff, but it’s students seem to hold their own by spending the same amount. With a pint of beer costing an average of £3.55, many students are getting crazy with almost ten whole pints each month.

6. Bristol

The students in Bristol spend around £34 on alcohol each month which is not shocking as the average cost of a pint in Bristol is an outrageous £4.20, making it one of the expensive cities in the UK to have a pint. For all the students, this means they will be spending more to have less beer than if they were in another city.

5. Exeter

Scraping a place in the top 5 is Exeter, where students spend £35 each month on alcohol. That’s equivalent to almost four months of Netflix’s standard subscription plan, and I know which one I’d rather have.

4. Leeds

With the average cost of a pint costing £3.50 in Leeds, it’s understandable how £36 is spent by students on alcohol each month. Plus, Leeds has a vibrant nightlife scene, making it almost impossible not to want to go out and party in the city.

3. Sheffield

Students in Sheffield spent an average of £37 each month on alcohol, but since the average cost of a pint of beer is only £3, at least they’re all getting their money’s worth. That £37 could include 12 pints, which would be enough for three each weekend.

2. Newcastle

With Newcastle’s extravagant nightlife scene, it’s no surprise that it’s students spend a significant amount on alcohol each month. Students in Newcastle spend an average of £40 solely on alcohol each month.

1. Oxford

In the number one spot is Oxford, where students spend a staggering £45 solely on alcohol each month. That’s 35% higher than the average amount a UK student spends on alcohol each month. But it’s not shocking that Oxford students spend the most on alcohol, as the average cost for a pint of beer is £4.30.